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Romance Visual Novel Six Days of Snow is Available now for PC via Steam!

Six Days of Snow - Feature

Sekai Project has released a new visual novel Six Days of Snow for PC! Set in the distant past of Japan, the story will be presented as a kinetic storyline where players will assume the role of a promising yet stagnating poet, trying to rekindle his passion. It is currently available for free via Steam and its official website. Check out the details below!



In the dim and distant past, Tanabe Eiji was a promising young writer, well-known for his poem Fireworks, which detailed the beginnings of his youthful and idealistic romance with his wife, Sachiko.

Twenty years later, however, Eiji’s life has lost much of its shine. His poems, save for Fireworks, have fallen into obscurity, while his first (and last) novel was critically panned for being too depressing. Worse still, his relationship with his wife has started to stagnate.

In a desperate attempt to rekindle his lost creativity, Eiji embarks on a journey to the snowy mountains of Hakuba.

As a desperate attempt to rekindle his lost creativity, the young writer Tanaba Eiji embarks on a six days journey as he stayed in an old inn. There he meets the inn’s proprietress, the indomitable Miss Kakiuchi, and her unwordly daughter, Reiko. This story tells the interaction between Eiji and Reiko, and how it might rekindle Eiji’s writing fire!


Six Days of Snow - Screenshot 1 Six Days of Snow - Screenshot 2

Six Days of Snow is now available for PC.

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