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Revenant Dogma, The Latest RPG From Kemco, Has A Visually Stunning 3D Battle

Revenant Dogma is a new RPG for Android developed by Kemco

Kemco has been widely knows as an RPG Game developer for Smartphone players. Their latest game, Revenant Dogma, has been released for the Android platform.

Main Character of Revenant Dogma are lined up here

You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

Revenant Dogma takes place in the world of Aldora, where two races coexist together at peace. Humans and Therians (a sort of humanoid animal race)  lived in harmony until one day, the Therians led by Premier Dverg had succeeded attaining divine power from the feral gods they worshipped and causes a rapid advancement of their civilization.

This event led to a resentment from Humans toward Therians, because they didn’t attain any power from the god they worshipped. Our protagonist, Caine, was tasked to find a Feral Relic, which contains the power of Feral Gods. This is where the journey begins.

The main hero meet with a mysterious girl from unknown race

Revenant Dogma has a similar 2D exploration style with other Kemco’s RPG, but the battle boast a 3D dynamic stunning graphic. Unique for the battle system is the Burst (a ‘limit break’ skill) which deals massive damage and the ability to transform into a Holy Beast.

Burst and Transformation are two unique features of Revenant Dogma

Another notable feature is the dynamic difficulty for the dungeons. Every time you enter a dungeon, the difficulty level will changes and you might find some rare equipment.

The dungeon difficulty will change each time you enter

Revenant Dogma is already available as both Free and Premium Game. You can play the game full until the ending in the free version. The premium version comes with 1000 in-app points.

Revenant Dogma is avaliable for Android right now. Read more on Revenant Dogma here.


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