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Post-Apocalyptic Metal Max Xeno Gets Detail for Characters and Hunters Life

Metal Max Xeno

Remember Metal Saga: Chain of Sandstorm released in 2005? The franchise will have a new entry called Metal Max XenoKadokawa Games released a lot of details for Metal Max Xeno such as trailers and characters. Check it out!!

Metal Max Xeno is a game set in Nippon in the year 209X. As the title suggests, the game will feature a lot of mechanical thingy: a half-machine human protagonist, Thalys, a mechanic named Yokky, and a heroine named Toni. Using a tank called The Crimson Avenger, players will help the survival of mankind to fight SoNs, monsters which plans to exterminate humanities.


Metal Max Xeno takes place in post-apocalypse Death Tokio, a wasteland of death, where mankind is under the threat of extinction. The protagonist, Thalys, swore vengeance against the monsters with his partner, or tanks. Why tanks? Apparently, tanks are used to be able to survive in this dangerous world. The fate of mankind rests in the hands of those with great tanks that can be powered up, modified, and more for survival.

Metal Max Xeno - Red Devil

The bright red tank above was piloted by the Red Demon who was called “Red Devil” by the enemies as they feared him. The “Red Devil” was known as the ultimate monster hunter, and our protagonist Thalys will be the next Red Demon piloting the same tank.


In this game, player has the ability to shoot monsters for preemptive strikes, a single shot, or start with an advantage in a fight against tough enemies. Another feature is ET Shield which is used to provide a shield for the tank. If the player’s tank doesn’t have a shield, the tank has a possibility to take a direct damage and has a chance to break its parts.



Gender: Male

Age: 20

Human (Half-machine)

A young man who swore vengeance to the superdreadnought monsters. He’s out to get revenge on the monsters that killed his real mother and foster father known as Zied. His journey to exact revenge takes him to the Iron Base.


Metal Max Xeno - Toni

Gender: Female

Age: 18


When Irontown was assaulted, she managed to escape with her father, however he died and she was the only survivor. She tags along with the protagonist after getting saved from danger.


Gender: Male

Age: 21


A survivor who was raised at the Iron Base after being found as a war orphan. He’s always enjoyed tinkering with machines since he was a child and is now a mechanic who is capable of repairs and maintenance.

Maria (CV: Chiaki Takahashi)

Metal Max Xeno - Maria

A female soldier born in a town further away from Iron Base. She went on a training journey, only to receive news of her hometown being attacked. She went back with her allies to rout the enemy, but the entire crew was wiped out except for her and she continues to fight on alone. She is thought to be immortal.

Dylan (CV: Yoshiaki Kawabata)

Metal Max Xeno - Dylan

The former boss of a gang of thieves who operated near Iron Base. He meets the protagonist in a fight for revenge against the SoNs that killed his underlings. While they saved him, he is judged for his prior crimes and is considered for expulsion from Iron Base.


A new race of monsters known as the Sons of NOA, or SoNs. They have the intention of exterminating mankind. These fearsome monsters are the ones responsible of turning Death Tokio into a wasteland. There are some that can understand the human language, and they even seem to be moving under a unified instructions system, unlike other monsters.

Wanted-Level Monsters

Cruiser Cygon is a metal beast who has taken the lives of many traders and hunters since the days of the Great Destruction. It threatens humanity with its giant missiles. Chibi-chan is a tank that was meant to fight NoA, but was hacked and turned against humanity. It is a berserker-type monster patrolling Death Tokio. By removing the hacking after defeating it, the player can use the tank in battle. It provides destructive heavy fire with its rapid-fire weapons.

Boss-Level Monsters

Metal Max Xeno - boss

Red Swan

Red Swan is a ‘Named’ boss monster which looks like a mutated shark with a blood-red body.


Giant Ants are genetically modified ants, which have continued mutating in the wasteland to become more larger and violent. Poly-tanks are self-aware jerry cans which supposedly helped conduct arson during the Great Destruction.

Hunter Life

After arriving at Iron Base, Thalys is introduced to Po-, and the other members living within, then soon gets sent to scout the surrounding areas. This is the beginning of his journey for revenge. The field is full of treasure scattered around, waiting to be discovered. With the obtained equipment, you are able to customize the tank to have different specs.

Within the field are also various ‘Vester Ports’, warp points that can be used to quick travel. Thalys and his allies will need to explore Remains, which are too small for tanks to enter. As this means they will be fighting in person, players should make sure they are properly equipped for the challenge. If Thalys and the party falls in battle, they will be warped back to Iron Base with Po-M’s help.

In the Remains are important scientific information which will raise Iron Base’s Technology Score. As Tech Score is raised, so does Tech Level, which increases customization options and list of producible weapons.


Yes, another trailer! This second trailer shows us the gameplay, main cast, and the newly introduced characters, Maria and Dylan.

Metal Max Xeno will launch for PS4 and PS Vita on April 19th 2018 in Japan.

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