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Pokémon GO Official Updates Talk About Finding Items, Eggs, Gyms, and Capturing Pokémon

Pokemon GO augmented reality Pokemon

In their blog, Niantic has finally posted some updates about Pokémon GO mechanic, along with some screenshots to look. Although not much and there is still no word about official release date, these Pokémon GO official updates are certainly worth to fill your thirst of the gameplay mechanic a bit.

Finding wild pokemon in Pokemon GO

Imagine yourself skipping school and works to catch a rare Pokémon on the way there 🙂

To refresh your memory a bit, Pokémon GO is the new Pokémon game about exploring real world using augmented reality gameplay with your smartphone. Since it will involve real world exploring, some wild Pokémon can only be found in their native areas. For example, Water type Pokémon can be found at the sea, lake, or ocean.

Ingress, another augmented reality game from Niantic

A similar augmented reality gameplay mechanic can be found on Niantic’s previous game project: Ingress.


Finding Items and Hatching Eggs

Players can acquire Pokémon Eggs randomly in the PokéStops. PokéStops are located at interesting places in the real worlds, such as museums, historical markers, monuments, and public art installations. Items such as Poké Balls can also be found there.

To hatch a Pokémon Egg, players will need to walk a certain number of steps. This is similar with hatching egg in the main series of Pokémon games. You may reveal new Pokémon through hatching eggs.


Capturing Wild Pokémon

Zoomed out exploring Pokémon in the map

Players can encounter wild Pokémon in their surrounding. As mentioned previously, some type of Pokémon may only appear in their native areas. As you move around, your smartphone will vibrate to inform you about encountering Wild Pokémon. A real-world accessory called Pokémon GO Plus will perform the same function.

When capturing wild Pokémon, there is no battle triggered. Players will directly throw a Poké Ball to catch it. Just like in the main game, there is a chance to fail. So, you can try again to capture it.


Trainer Levels

Pokémon GO official updates also talk about exploring and trainer level

In Pokémon GO, unlike the main game, you will gain levels as a trainer. When your trainer level is higher, you will have access to better and more powerful items, such as Great Ball. That means, you have a higher chance to capturing more Pokémon, including more powerful ones.


Pokémon Gym

In Pokémon GO, players can join one of three teams in order to compete over the ownership of Gym. To do this, players can place one of their captured Pokémon in a friendly Gym (defensive role), or battling an opponent team’s Pokémon in their Gym (offensive role). Gyms can be found at real world locations, just like the PokéStops.

Pokémon GO will be released sometime this year for Android and iOS. As additional information, a user field test will begin soon in Japan. Read all post related to Pokémon here.


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