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Persona 5 The Royal Japanese Release Date Announced; Coming to West 2020


Atlus has unveiled the Japan release date of Persona 5 The Royal, which planned to be released on October 31, 2019. While the western version will be sometime on 2020. Futermore, during the Persona Super Live 2019 concert, Atlus revealed new information on Persona 5 The Royal. (Thanks Famitsu). here’s a lot of info including a new trailer, details on the new female character, and a new previously untold “third semester.”

rundown on the new stuff

Kasumi Yoshizawa

A new character (voice by Sora Amamiya) was revealed. She’s a beautiful girl who transfers to Shujin Academy the same year when the protagonist moves to Tokyo. She is talented as a gymnast, since middle school, and Shujin Academy has high expectations for her. She admires the protagonist, but doesn’t like the Phantom Thieves? It remains unclear if she’s a friend or foe.

Takuto Maruki

A new confidant (voice by Satoshi Hino) was also revealed. He’s a part-time counselor hired with concerns from the students, following the case of a certain teach in April. He has good listening skills and gives out detailed advice, and he is popular among the students. His arcana is “Le Consultant.”

The Third School Semester

In Persona 5 The Royal we’ll get to see some untold story that wasn’t told in the original Persona, with the addition of life during the previously untold “third semester,” which will be a major part. While there hasn’t been much information shared on this, it’ll have more new characters that have yet to be revealed, as well as a first-visit to the shrine event on January 1 for Hatsumode.

New City Areas

There are new city areas, like the popular Kichijouji area players can visit. This is an area where young and old, various personalities and even cultures all clash together.



There’s a DARTSLIVE3 machine perfectly recreated in game, which you can play. There’s also new date spots, memories which come in the form of photographs, and the new chance to date the Twins!


There’s new things the Phantom Thieves have to confront, including a new foe you have to face: Kyouma. There’s also new gameplay features, like a daily assist command that lets you get various suggestions with school life. There’s a lot of new songs from series composer Shoji Meguro. Lastly, visuals are enhanced for PlayStation 4 Pro play.


Above is the brand new Japan trailer. While below is the West teaser trailer.


Persona 5 The Royal will be available in Japan for PlayStation 4 in October 31, 2019, and the west sometime on 2020.

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