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Persona 5 Royal Second Morgana Report Explain Additional Features

Persona 5 Royal

One of the most anticipated RPG, Persona 5 Royal, is having the second Morgana Report video that introduces us to the new features. And we also will get to know more to the new character,  Kasumi Yoshizawa, and what’s new for the Palaces and battles.

Furthermore on Kasumi Yoshizawa, the video showcases her possession of the tarot card of La Foi for her Arcana of Faith. In battle she fights using rapiers and rifles, and her Persona is Cendrillon that specializes in physical attacks.

Here are a couple questions from fans

Q: Persona 5 didn’t have a gallery mode to watch movies and events, but will there be a gallery mode in Persona 5 Royal?

A: According to the intel that Morgana stole from Atlus, there will indeed be some sort of gallery feature, but more information will be shared later.

Q: I want to learn more about the new elements surrounding Akechi Goro! Again, it looks like everyone is getting casual clothes so I hope to see them! Thank you!

A: There will be more for Akechi, so please look forward to it.

And here’s a sneak peek at Haru Okumura in her casual clothes.

In the video below we get to see more info on the Palace and Battle parts of Persona 5 Royal. When defeating the more powerful Shadows known as Kyouma in the Palaces you can get rare items. You can also find items called “Ishi” in Palaces that allow you to exchange them for accessories that lets you equip them for powerful skills.

We also get a look at the grapple hook “Wire System” that lets you go from one place to another, or even monsters to start a fight with the upper hand. Another addition is the added customization options for guns. You can customize them to increase accuracy or inflict status ailments to enemies. Bullets will also refill after each battle.


Persona 5 Royal will be available in Japan on October 31, 2019 for PlayStation 4, while the West will be sometime on 2020.

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