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Persona 5 Fusion Mechanic and Mementos are Detailed In The Latest Famitsu Issue!

Persona 5 Art Box Cropped

The latest week’s Famitsu issue has some new detail for the Persona 5 fusion mechanic, along with more detail for the Mementos Dungeons (thanks, PersonaCentral). You can see a glimpse of the Famitsu scan below.

Persona 5 Famitsu Scan Fusion Mementos


Persona 5 Mementos Dungeons

Persona 5 Feature: Mementos dungeon

Mementos dungeons are essentially the ‘randomly generated’ dungeon in Persona 5. Unlike the Palace, it will change on each visit. Shadows will also regenerate upon each visit, and the type and amount can change depending on the quest being pursued or that day’s weather. You can also check more interesting feature for Mementos dungeons including Morgana transforming into a bus for exploring in the dungeon here.


Persona 5 Fusion Mechanic – “Guillotine” Feature

Persona 5 Fusion Mechanic - Guillotine Feature

The Persona fusion is a ‘staple’ feature in every Persona game. During the fusion, Persona with corresponding Arcana from the Co-op characters will gain bonus experience, similar with previous Persona games.

  • In Persona 5, the fusion mechanic is named ‘Guillotine‘. There is a ‘Two-Body Guillotine’ for fusing two Personas together and ‘Group Guillotine’ for more than two Personas. You can also search for previously fused Persona with the ‘Search Guillotine’ feature.
  • Hanging is a feature to boost experience points of a Persona by sacrificing another Persona. If they are both from same Arcana, the amount of experience points will be boosted.
  • Electric Chair is another feature to obtain some items (sometimes even rare items) by sacrificing a Persona.
  • Sending to Solitary Confinement is a unique feature to strengthen a Persona for an intensive training. With this feature, the Persona may obtain new skills or overcome weaknesses. The feature will require a number of in-game days, but it can be shortened based on the Co-op level of the corresponding Arcana.

The series’ director Katsura Hoshino gives a comment that the motif of those ‘execution’ features is to erase the mask representing one’s self to create a new self.


Bonus: Persona 5 TV Commercial Starring Yusuke Kitagawa

Persona 5 will be released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on September 15 this year in Japan and February 14, 2017 in US. Read all post related to Persona here. You can check the Japan’s collector edition version here and the US’ collector edition here.

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