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Persona 5 Director Shared Its Latest Development

Persona 5 - All out attack

In the March 2016 issue of Persona Magazine, the director of the Persona series himself, Katsura Hashino, shared about the latest progress of the development of the highly-anticipated upcoming JRPG: Persona 5. Below are the main points that can be concluded from the interview.

  • The dungeon designs will be very different compared to previous titles. Moreover, every dungeons in the game will differ from one to another, so that the gameplay can be more enjoyable.
  • By having the theme “phantom thief” applied to the game, the element of contemporary drama will be seen in the game.
  • Tokyo is chosen as the stage for this phantom thief drama play, so that the idea of performing a drama/play in a modern world can be done.
  • The characters are living an inescapable lives where they are labeled and judged. Players will be able to see them breaking through their situations in the game.
  • A new system similar to Social Link will dig human relations deeper than in the previous titles.

Other than the points that are mentioned above, the director also shared each protagonist’s details.

  • Ryuji Sakamoto is a typical delinquent high-schooler in general but, is actually a nice person. He has the urge to change the world and drags the protagonist alongside with him, which is the reason why the protagonist becomes a phantom thief. Ryuji’s Persona is Captain Kidd, a reference to Captain William Kidd, who was one of the most notorious pirates in the history of the world.
  • Ann Takamaki is a quarter-American who returned to Japan. She does not have any friends and is very lonely, despite of her popularity and being able to stand out among the others. Her Persona is Carmen, a reference to a character from a novella with the same name, who would take advantage of her beauty and charm to make men fall for her.
  • Morgana is Persona 5’s equivalent of Teddie from Persona 4. Despite of his appearance in the other world, Morgana takes the appearance of a normal cat in the real world. Morgana is already a phantom thief before the protagonist and his friends, and will raise them to be a proper phantom thief. His Persona is Zorro, referring to the infamous masked thief, who is a figure that he/she really admires because of Zorro’s macho look, since he/she is usually underestimated due to his size.
  • Yusuke Kitagawa is very talented in art. He gives off a different vibe than his appearance in the illustration. Yusuke’s Persona is Goemon, referring to Goemon Ishikawa, the outlaw from the Japanese history.

(Note: During the interview, the director used a gender-neutral term when referring to Morgana, which makes Morgana’s gender is yet to be confirmed.)


The protagonists and their Persona

Persona 5 is expected to be released this summer in Japan for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and will hit the western market later in 2016.


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