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Otome Visual Novel How To Sing To Open Your Heart Has Launched Its Kickstarer Campaign

How To Sing To Open Your Heart

roseVeRte are opening a Kickstarter campaign for their third installment of “Story of Eroolia” series. Titled How to Sing to Open Your Heart 心を開く歌い方(略:ここうた)(Kokoro wo Hiraku Utaikata / KOKOUTA). The campaign target is US$ 5,477, you can check the campaign website to support (rewards included) and to find out more about the game.

This romance fantasy visual novel will be fully voiced in Japanese. While the text will be in Japanese, English and German and possibly in more languages in the future.


CV list sequentially from left to right then top to lower.

  • Regina・レジナ : Megurika Kawanishi ・川西めぐりか
  • Juli・ジュリ : Kon・紺
  • Anna・アンナ : Mai Hazuki・葉月真衣
  • Leona・レオナ : Ryo Yuasa・湯浅涼
  • Mars・マース : Taichi Tanukida・狸田太一
  • Black Cat・黒猫 : Zakuroishi・柘榴石
  • Lilia/ Lio・リリア/リオ : Eruru Takeda・武田恵瑠々
  • Simon・シモン : Zex Flaga・ゼクス・フラガ
  • Ronan・ロナン : Mato Sarashina・更科真都
  • Gao・ガオ : Naoto Takeda・武田直人
  • Grandma・グランマ : Hisano Numahata・沼端ひさの

Rundown via roseVeRte

Princess Myana, who was a side character from the previous game, stars as the new heroine. The current game will be more serious than the previous ones, as it narrates Princess Myana’s decision concerning the relationship between humans and the cat people, the “luccretia”.

Still, there will be romantic, cute and funny episodes between the characters. Players can play the game without having played the previous games, but it is highly recommended to play the previous game “How to Fool a Liar King” before this one.

Promotion Video

How To Sing To Open Your Heart is currently opening a campaign in Kickstarter.

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