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Open World RPG Lands of Raynar Is Announced for PS5, PC, and XBox

Lands of Raynar

Gaming Factory S.A. and developer DeSand have announced Lands of Raynar. This game is an open-world first-person RTS RPG, stated as a game that gives a “fresh approach to sandbox solutions”. Check the trailer below!


Help with rebuilding of the ancient civilization!

Lands of Raynar a first-person RTS in which you take on the role of Karia – one of the last inhabitants of the fallen lands. Together with your numinous companion Ivy and people have an adventure through traces of ancestors.

Explore the world

The game is rich in a plethora of diverse landscapes and its elements. Discover ancient secrets that are hidden in flora, fauna and dark caves of Raynar.

Be vigilant

In the world full of life, you will meet a lot of creatures and people with whom you will have to confront. They will pose a threat to your life or they will be able to help you in tough moments.

Develop your village

  • Manage civil buildings to increase the number of the village’s people

  • Build defensive structures that will protect from danger from outside the village
  • Destroy buildings and admire them when they fall apart realistically with the help of implemented physics

Lands of Raynar will launch for PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X in 2022.

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