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Omega Labyrinth Z Shows Its Details through New Promotional Video!

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It’s finally here! A 8-minutes video shown by D3 Publisher about their upcoming game entitled Omega Labyrinth Z! Okay. So what’s so interesting about its new video then?

Recently, D3 Publisher shares a new video promoting Omega Labyrinth Z, a Dungeon-RPG. The video shows us the characters, features, and systems (as well as ‘service’) explaining its details from its previous videos. In my opinion, it’s sorta like a compilation. For this reason, you must watch the video to get what I mean by ‘compilation’.

Well. how was it, the 8-minute video full of cheers, color, and cute voices? Did it succesfully ‘hypnotize’ you?

Anyway, the game offers us its features which are divided into three lectures including the break period and after school, with each of lecture shows us its intriguing features. What kind of features then? Well, here’s the overview:

  • Collecting Omega. This really help you to build the characters’ strength and buying items for the sake of successful adventure. This is very vital and has to be done (to get more ‘services’).
  • Singing and Playing Music. You will be given an opportunity to sing during exploring dungeon. It allows you to relieve yourself with each character’s voice and supports you to battle enemies in it.
  • Items Shops in Dungeon. You don’t have to worry about shopping since you can do it in a certain place inside dungeon.
  • Item Transformation. This is the ‘fun’ part, I assure you. Depending on the substance, you will be able to transform the raw material into random items. Do this and you will know what I mean by ‘fun’
  • PTA (Pai Touch Action). Anywhere, anytime (as long as it is inside the game, obviously) you may ‘poke’ around your characters. Flexibility at its finest, if you know what I mean.

Just for sure, you can view the special features offered by the game here.

More importantly, the video shows English language too. Does that mean it will get a western localization too? Well, for now we just have to wait patiently and see if they’re willing to realize it.

Omega Labyrinth Z will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on July 6th in Japan.

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