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NiOh Final DLC “Bloodshed’s End” Shows Exciting Trailer!

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Mateys! If you are wondering about games that have several add-ons, now is the time to read for the info. This news is important if you want to collect the add-ons, and for several quests and challenges too obviously.

Koei Tecmo shows us the final DLC of NiOh entitled Bloodshed’s End with its exciting trailer. The game will bring several stories about William‘s journey in Sengoku era. Well, without any further ado, here is the trailer:

Featured above are new characters and enemies which looks difficult to be beaten. Another one is The Abyss feature, as the characters fight together to beat formidable enemy. Other features contain new main missions, sub missions, and Twilight missions and The Abyss. Take note that since this is the final DLC, the difficulty will be different from the previous DLCs though.


Anyway, the DLC will be given a price about $9.99, but if you have Season Pass, it will be free of charge.

The game previously announced the date of this DLC here.

NiOh is currently available and playable on PlayStation 4.

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