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Nights of Azure 2 Gets New Lily and Details Servan Systems

Nights of Azure 2 Gets New Lily and Details Servan Systems

Gust reveal more information regarding Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. Thus, they said on this update that Nights of Azure 2 gets new Lily and details Servan systems! The new Lily called Veruschka, who is at first stand on Alushe‘s way as an enemy, but become her Lily as the story progresses. What’s more, they include some details for Servan systems such as Growth and Evolution. Therefore, you can get the details below.

(Thanks to Gematsu for translations).

New Character As New Lily, Veruschka!

She is a half-demon owned by Lourdes Order. She oppose Alushe because of her affiliation with Curia, which is Lourdes Order’s adversary. She is greatly in debt with Lourdes Order because the organization save her when she was about to be abandoned from half-demon experiment. Because of her painful experience at a very young age, she become an emotionless girl. She put Lourdes Order above anything else and will do anything for them. The organization order her to keep an eye on Alushe.

Veruschka Join As Lily

At some point of the story, she will join Alushe’s side as a Lily. Veruschka wields dual dagger and specializes in consecutive attacks because of her outstanding speed. Even though this kind of class usually doesn’t deal much damage, her special skill are able to one-hit kill the enemies.

A Reunion That Starts Time Again

Alushe works as an agent for Curia, an organization that protects people from fiends. She carries a mission to find and protect Liliana, the Saint. She manage to escorts Liliana to Curia. Afterwards, they learn that Liliana is Bride of Time and need to be sacrificed to the Queen of the Moon. Therefore, Alushe’s mission change to escort Liliana to meet the Queen of the Moon.

Then, they are arguing whether or not they need to sacrifice Liliana. At that moment, they meet Liliana’s childhood friends, Ruhenheid who belongs to Lourdes Order. She confronts them and said that Curia won’t help them and protect people from fiends. Suddenly, some fiends appeared before them and killed Alushe.

However, Alushe’s story did not end that way. She wakes up in a suspicious laboratory and meet with Camilla. She is resurrected using the blood of legendary demon, Arnice. She is reborn as a half-demon and realizes that Liliana has gone missing. In search for Liliana, she uses her new power to fight off fiends which she got from Arnice’s blood, the Blood Sword. She met Ruhenheid on hotel nearby and joined force to save Liliana.

Developing Your Subordinate Demons (Servans)

You can level up your Servan by using Subordinate Demon PointConsequently, you can gain this point through clearing some quests. Moreover, you can add status points such as HP, Attack Strength and more whenever your subordinate demons gain a level.

Striker Subordinate Demon: Pitz

Pitz is a subordinate demon who specializes in hit and away attacks. Also, she is able to transform into partisan which is pretty good to fight mid-range.

Nights of Azure 2 SS14

Striker Subordinate Demon: Eir

Eir is a subordinate demon who specializes on multi-stage attacks which deal good amount of damage. He is able to transform into great sword which are able to deal great damage to many enemies at once. As as result, he is considered as one of the best damage dealer.

Nights of Azure 2 SS16

Striker Subordinate Demon: Alice

This subordinate demon can transform into shield which are able to attack while defending. Thus, she will come in handy when facing tough situations. On her usual form, she summons rabbit soldiers to fight for her.

Nights of Azure 2 SS18

Servan Evolution

When Servan‘s parameter reaches a certain value, its appearance will change and gain parameters boots. In addition, if all of its parameters reach MAX, it is possible to reincarnate it and raise its max level. However, its level will reset to level 1.

Tricker Subordinate Demon: Nero

Tricker Subordinate Demon: Fiyu

Tricker Subordinate Demon: Shalf

Striker Subordinate Demon: Pitz

Striker Subordinate Demon: Eir

Striker Subordinate Demon: Alice

New Subordinate Demon

Striker Subordinate Demon: Dure

Dure is a flexible type subordinate demon. Moreover, he has great attack speed and large build perfect for a nuker. However, he has a very short attack range which make him vulnerable against long range user. Furthermore, he can transform into lance. Also, it specializes in evasion, hence you can fight with high endurance.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on February 2017 in Japan and soon enough for North America and Europe.


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