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Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Battle System Revealed with New Trailer!

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If you want to play a RPG with some interesting and (hopefully) newer features, then you have to read this along.

Koei Tecmo shares to us about Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the Moon‘s battle system and trailer revealing some more characters. The trailer also released following the previous trailer released for Switch. So, the company wants us to get know the game more, as it will be released soon.

The first update, about the game’s battle system.

Players will fight a group of monsters, and the game will utilize the battle party system. For the first one, players will be able to use Aluche as well as two Servants. By combining the skills of Aluche and two Servants, you are ready to fight the monsters.

Aluche’s servants will then attack the enemies according to the command assigned before. However, they will automatically target the enemies with various types of attacks: melee or ranged. If you are lucky, some of them may land critical attacks towards the monsters.

As for Aluche, she will be powered up either from the servants (who is in charge of party buff) or even from the blood of the enemies. In addition, the blood also can be used to add abilities towards Aluche. This technique will then allow you to customize your party.

Aside from Aluche, Elenor Ernest also introduced along with Christophorus, returning character from Nights of Azure. These two characters will aid Aluche to fight against the Moon Queen in this series.

Secondly, about the game’s trailer.

You must be wondering other characters that will show up in the game. Then, do play the trailer below:

Well, now those sums the updates up. Look forward to other info and updates some other time, mateys!

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the Moon will be available for PCPlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on October 24th in North America and October 27th in Europe.

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