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NieR: Automata First DLC Announced for West; Include New Costumes and Arena

NieR: Automata First DLC Announced for West; Include New Costumes and Arena

Previously we have a news about the game collaborations, and then the android 2B to appear in Valkyrie Anatomia. Now, we have other news that will excite you; fans of NieR: Automata!

Recently Square Enix began a livestream in Japan to celebrate their one million shipment milestone for NieR: Automata. They’re not only celebrated their milestone, but also announcing the game’s first DLC titled 3C3C1D119440927It will be released in Japan on May 2nd with the price of 1,500 yen. For the English release, the the date and price are yet to be announced.

The contents of the DLC are three new colosseums, and additional side quests. The rewards for completing the quests are as following:

  • Costumes from the previous Japanese release, NieR: Replicant, for androids 2B, 9S and A2.
  • Records that add special music tracks to the players’ jukebox.
  • New equipment and cosmetic accessories such as hairspray that allows you to change the color of 2B and A2’s hair.
  • Masks with unique “on equip” effects.
  • Special bullets that change the appearance of enemy bullets.

The android 2B gets the Revealing Costume, 9S gets the Young Man Outfit, and A2 gets the Destroyer Outfit. You can see those costume below alongside some screenshots from the DLC! But, before checking those costumes and screenshots, we still have one more information for you!

At the livestream, Square Enix also showcased the arena! Funnily the opponents of the battle are not your typical enemies that can be encountered in the game, but Square Enix CEO and Platinum Games CEO; Yosuke Matsuda and Kenichi Sato respectively. The model for President Matsuda was proided by Final Fantasy XV team that was used as cameo fight in the “Mystery Disc”. Additionally, beating the Presidents will grant you great rewards! So be sure to beat them if you want those rewards.

Check out the DLC gameplay and the CEO boss fight below! After that, you can see the costumes and screenshots!

NieR: Automata is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.


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