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Ni no Kuni II Screenshots Shows More of Kingdom Building Mode and More!

The official website come up with the new Ni no Kuni II Screenshots that give extra feature in the kingdom building mode and also the game important RPG battle system, the Higgledies. Read more about them below.


Kingdom Building Mode

Ni no Kuni II Screenshots

Evan will be able to built his own kingdom by putting the right villagers to the right positions, doing this, the kingdom will be filled by new people and grown effectively with new technologies. And then, you can gain all the advantages to support your adventures and battles.

But there’s more job for the players to built the kingdom’s castle, you may also need to pay attentions to the various facilities and the villagers living around it. These can be crucial for the kingdom further expansion, and also will be a great help for your adventures.



Ni no Kuni II Screenshots

The another feature in Ni no Kuni II is the Higgledies. They are little spirits that can help Evan during battles and come in groups but there will be one of them that looks different and special, they are the Higgledie Leaders. Don’t forget, these little spirits have different types as you can see above.

Ni no Kuni II Screenshots

This image atop shows the blue ring that surrounding the the fire Higgledies and a special icon is showing one of the Higgledies Leader.

Ni no Kuni II Screenshots

The second image shows that the fire Higgledies have the ability to create a barrier around Evan to protect him.

Ni no Kuni II Screenshots

The barrier from fire Higgledies nullifies the attack from the fire elemental enemies. This is just one example, you still have a lot of Higgledies abilities to explore within the game.


Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will be available on November 10 in both North America and Europe for both PC and Playstation 4. You can check for more Ni No Kuni series here.

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