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New Tokyo Clanpool Trailer Reveals More Character and Gameplay!

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The game Tokyo Clanpool, a collaboration between Compile Heart and Dengeki, reveals to us its details. After revealing the opening cutscene movie, the game decides to show us its characters details and gameplay. Quite a hype, don’t you think? Since the game will be out after a while, they want us to know about the game’s details. You have to check this video to get the info, though:

Things that are shown in the trailer involves the characters. Then, you will see a preview of the dungeon crawling mechanics, as it is the main feature of the game. One thing that will make it different from other dungeon crawling games, is its feature called Holy Manifestation Mode. This feature allows you to enhance the characters’ abilities and stats as well as strengthen their Gadgeteer. Learn to control and use this feature to defeat monsters and enemies along the dungeon, mateys!

Anyway, here’s a brief about the story:

Natsume Kannuki lives in a city which was overtaken by monsters originated from Dark World Diet Tower. As the main protagonist wants to liberate the city, she has to defeat them by entering the tower with the help from the girls. Embark the adventure of Natsume Kannuki and her allies to liberate and save the world!

If you want to learn about the game’s strategy and battle system, do check the information here.

Tokyo Clanpool will be released for PlayStation Vita on October 5th in Japan.

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