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New Project Dia Horizon Announced by Square Enix

New Project Dia Horizon Announced by Square Enix

Looking at the art, it will remind you about Granblue Fantasy, but it isn’t, and you know it especially if you are a hardcore player of the game. The characters and the background scene are different. Only the style that looks similar—or maybe it’s just me who feels that way? Well, just see the official art for yourself and tell me what do you think about it.

New Project Dia Horizon Announced by Square Enix

The name is Dia Horizon, a new project by Square Enix. Judging by the official art above, one might think this will be released as an RPG. Unfortunately, it isn’t, and If the other game was released as a game first and then the anime, this one will be an anime first. The premiere is this October, and this art has the announcement.

New Project Dia Horizon Announced by Square Enix

After an anime, Square Enix might release a mobile game for Dia Horizon; an RPG at that. Yes, there are no official announcement for a game yet, but we can’t deny there’s a HUGE chance the company will release one for their newest project. You can see some ‘coming soon’ thumbnails at its official website, so there is a chance one of those thumbnail will be filled with the game announcement. Just wait, and pray, for a miracle to happen. I say it will be a waste to not making a game for an RPG-like anime (or series).

In the mean time, you can watch Dia Horizon first trailer.

Confused and curious with the dialogue? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

What is beyond the farthest horizon?
The final sea
Death… Hope…
The girl who carried the furthest secret by birth.
For the girl… dreaming and living freely was not allowed.
A word like freedom was nothing but longing.
She was made to live in a closed and narrow world.
Even dying and living were chosen by someone.
So I thought.
If it’s that we were given only poor scenarios from God,
I want to share death with you, not someone.
I want to give half my life to her.
Even if it was sharing death.
That’s why I’ll walk with you.
Beyond that horizon.
We met and shared two lives with one death.

Dia Horizon will premiere as an Anime in October 2017.

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