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Natsume Announced Harvest Moon: Skytree Village with Fresh E3 2016 Trailer!

Natsume has released first trailer of their second Harvest game. The game Title is Harvest Moon: Skytree Village and still in development for 3DS (thanks Gematsu).


Here’s a brief overview, via Natsume:

In the once prosperous and verdant land known as the Oasis of the Harvest Goddess, many people used to live in harmony in a lush and green place called Skytree Village. However, the power of the Harvest Goddess gradually began to fade and the land became arid and dry. Now it’s up to you to nurture the seven Skytrees back to health in order to give the Harvest Goddess her power back and, in turn, restore life to this desolate land!

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village weaves a charming farming story and incorporates new features and streamlined gameplay mechanics based on fan feedback. The community has helped shape this all-new adventure just like players will shape and mould the land in the game, with their feedback and input contributing to what will be the most rounded, enjoyable and accessible Harvest Moon yet seen.

You can watch the trailer below:

And here is another detail from Nintendo Everything. courtesy of Nintendo Life from playable demo at E3.

  • Town has been in a downward spiral of sorts lately. It was previously green and thriving, but it’s now taken on a somber tone
  • The town has experienced an extended drought
  • Ever-waning presence of the Harvest Goddess
  • Play as a plucky local farmer. Also, play as a male or female
  • Restore the town’s seven Skytrees
  • Bring back the Harvest Goddess through a combination of diligent farming, attentive animal husbandry, and item-based courtship
  • Engine/style similar to The Lost Valley
  • Terraforming your farm returns
  • Natsume listened to feedback with the previous game
  • Moved away from chibi character models
  • Character models are conventionally proportioned
  • Uses 3D character models instead of character portraits in dialogue scenes
  • Terraforming now significantly faster and easier
  • Can now work with more than one cube of earth at a time
  • Hold down the ‘A’ button and the selection cursor will grow from one square, to three, to six, to nine, depending on how long you keep it held
  • After choosing a size, you can move that selection as you like, and act on all selected tiles at once, either raising the earth or digging them down as a group
  • The adjustable selection is also used for all your other tools in Skytree Village
  • Tilling, planting, watering, and harvesting all benefit from the efficiency boost
  • Expand the selection range as you upgrade your tools
  • 2 new views: There’s the standard 3rd-person free-camera perspective from The Lost Valley and also a faux-2D overhead view and a locked-in ‘Farming mode’
  • Farming mode: variant of the overhead angle where your farmer will hold her stance and let you strafe along to water, till, or plant in tidy rows
  • Press ‘Start’ to cycle through the three views

Also, there are at least six bachelors and bachelorettes:

  • Melanie: red-headed, hot-headed tsundere tailor. She will turn your fur into fabric
  • Jeanne: green-haired, bespectacled herbal doctor who’s brilliant and talented in her trade, but not very confident interacting with farmers of the opposite sex
  • Elise: an outgoing blonde chef from out of town who’s written with a French accent
  • Dean: buff florist; has a combo of tulip apron and boundless horticultural enthusiasm
  • Gabriel: gentle, kindly livestock salesman who’s more at ease with animals than people
  • Cyril: ponytailed aristocrat from far off lands who’s visiting Skytree Village as part of his grand tour


Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is still in development for Nintendo 3DS. Check also all the E3 2016 coverage news here.


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