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Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Journey Gets PC Release Date!

Mystery Chronicles: One Way Heroics Journey Select Class

Several months ago, Spike Chunsoft announced their first self-published RPG game for western release titled Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Journey. The game will be released for both PS4 and PS Vita. However, they suddendly announced the PC version of the game will be available via Steam on September 13th!

gameplay in Mystery Chronicle when you are forced to move forward

The game is a unique retro-styled auto-scrolling RPG. Unlike typical endless-runner game, you can turn back BUT with some consequences. A destructive wall of light is constantly chase you from the left side of the game, and it will be a game over if you ever touch it. Other than the original characters, you can also play as other characters from Spike Chunsoft‘s games like Danganropa and Shiren the Wanderer.

Mystery Chronicles: One Way Heroics Journey Makoto Naegi Danganropa

Fight your ultimate despair with Makoto Naegi from Danganropa here!

Here is the game’s official description via the Steam Page:

Forget about saving the king, forget about saving the townsfolk, a true hero is one who saves the day!

Once you begin Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics, there is no turning back.

Mystery Chronicle overhauls the gameplay and graphics of the highly acclaimed indie title One Way Heroics. As well as adding in some well-loved characters from other IPs such as Danganronpa and Shiren the Wanderer.

Play your way through the different maps generated with every playthrough, constantly on the move away from the calamity of light, the Shine Raid, to your left and on to your final battle with the Fallen Angel, Alma. There’s no turning back, once this thrilling one-way adventure begins!

Key Features

  • Filled with over 20 different classes
  • Epic battles together with the comrades you meet, and the chance to unravel the mysteries of these worlds.
  • Dungeon Crawling Goes Above Ground: Leave dinky dungeons behind to explore an infinite number of procedurally generated worlds, each with their own terrain, traps and treasure.
  • Forced-scroll Roguelike RPG: The Shine Raid consumes everything in its path and moves with every action you take! Do you risk taking a detour for loot, or do you play it safe and put more distance between yourself and annihilation?
  • Brimming with Class and Characters: With over 20 classes to choose from, no two adventures will ever be the same! A quirky cast of NPC allies will always be there to keep you company—so long as you take care to keep them alive.
  • Social Skills: Share the worlds you unlock with friends, then post your successes (and failures) on Twitter. Thanks to daily Campaign Worlds you’ll never run out of new ground to cover!
  • English and Japanese Interface, Subtitles and Full Audio!

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Journey will be released for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on summer this year and PC on September 13th. As an additional information, this game may only have a digital release.


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