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Murder Mystery Visual Novel Bloody Chronicles Release Date Announced!

Murder Mystery Visual Novel Bloody Chronicles Release Date Announced!

Carving for a new mystery Visual Novel? Wait no more! For a Japanese indie game developer called Igrasil Studio has announced a new one for PC, Mac, and Linux! The name’s Bloody Chronicles, and it will available next month on December 13th via STEAM.

Igrasil Studio has revealed their new Visual Novel’s trailer too. You can check it out below.

Now, are you curious about what is this game about? Especially if the trailer doesn’t have any subs? Worry not! We got the rundown.

In Igrasil Studio’s debut project, Bloody Chronicles, relationships, and investigations are put together to make a unique visual novel experience!

The plot of the game focuses on Kazuki, a person orphaned as a child due to an accident. After graduating from the police academy, he was recruited by a non-governmental organization that investigates murders the police deem are impossible to solve.

Kazuki’s partners include the crazy and funny Ishikawa siblings, Kaoru Moriyama (the daughter of a millionaire and founder of the organization), and Suzumi Misao, the head of the organization.

With a delightfully quirky cast, players will form bonds with the main characters while trying to solve the overarching case of the Phantom Killer, a criminal with a perfect track record.

Well that’s pretty interesting with a Phantom Killer who has a perfect track record. Kinda curious about how the story will go; will it be interesting or boring? One can only get the answer after playing it. But! It’s still Act 1. So, there might be more Act for the story to finish.

Nonetheless, if you are curious and really interested in the story (or really carving for a murder mystery), this is the one you can wait for.

Bloody Chronicles will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux on December 13th via STEAM.

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