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Monster Hunter XX New Features, Brave Style and Renkin Style Explained

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Capcom keeps the hype for their upcoming game, Monster Hunter XX, as high as possible by giving more and more details about the game. Recently they’re teasing Monster Hunter XX new features, Brave Style and Renkin Style. If you are an attack-happy Hunter in the previous game, you’ll love these new features.

Brave Style basically an offence-focused hunting style which relies heavily on continuously hitting a monster to achieve its full effect. Although you can only use one Hunting Art, you still able to fill the “Brave Gauge” by parrying attacks from monsters. When the gauge is full, your Hunter enters the “Brave State“.

Monster Hunter XX

In Brave State, you can do various evasive maneuvers depending on your weapons. You also able to do a powerful combo and special attacks for each weapon. The challenge is, you have to keep attacking the monster to keep the Brave Gauge full when Brave State is active because the gauge is slowly depleted over time.

Monster Hunter XX

Other interesting features about Brave Style is while you are in Brave State, you will get to charge your Great Sword or shoot special bullets using Light Bowgun while moving. If you use Hammer as a weapon, you will get to charge it for an extra powerful attack or more for an even more super powerful attack.

Monster Hunter XX

On the contrary, Capcom has released little to none about Renkin Style. Although they’re giving hints about it in a video, most of us still guessing what is Renkin Style about. In the video, the Hunter looks like shaking a barrel vigorously and the barrel glows with light at the end of the video. What the hunter going to do next with the barrel though is still a mystery.

Monster Hunter XX will be available on March 18th in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. Read more posts related to Monster Hunter XX here.

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