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Monster Hunter: World Final Beta Reveals Some Details!

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The famous hunting game will reveal something to you, mateys! Do read along the passage!

Capcom reveals some details regarding their game entitled Monster Hunter: World by showing its Test Preload and Rewards. These are revealed in order to give the players some teasers for the game’s beta version.

First of all, the preload will be available when the beta test is launched. It will be on January 19th at 11:00AM JST and will end on January 22nd at 10:59AM JST. The preload will require 5.5GB storage space and it is accessible on January 17th (before the actual launch of beta version). As for you who lives in West, the beta test will begin on January 18th at 6:00PM PT or 9:00PM PT and January 19th at 2:00AM GMT/3:00AM CET until January 21st at 5:59PM PT/8:59PM ET and January 22nd at 1:59AM GMT/2:59AM CET.

Here are the screenshots about the monsters that will appear in Beta Version:

The previous posts will introduce you to the monster called Deviljho and Nergigante. These two monsters will become your most challenging quests available in Beta version.

Another thing is, a reward will be given to you who joins the beta version and fulfilled several quests available in it. Several valuables and items will be in your possession, to power up your gear and make another tools, weapons or armors when you play the actual game. It means that you will start with some goodies when the actual game is out (ahead from those who doesn’t join the open beta). By the way, this is one of the rewards that will be given to you:


A face paint for your character, as a mark that you cleared the quest in beta version. Well, at least you get the difference between those who join the beta and cleared the quest and those who don’t.

Monster Hunter: World will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018 and will also available for PC on Autumn 2018. Read more posts about Monster Hunter Series here.

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