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Monster Hunter Stories Introduces Stygian Zinogre, Barroth, and Seregios

Monster Hunter Stories - Key Art

Capcom recently revealed more available Otomons for the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories. The company will be adding Stygian Zinogre, Barroth, and Seregios from previous Monster Hunter titles. In addition, the company also revealed Bond Attacks and Ride Actions for each monsters.


Monster Hunter Stories - Stygian Zinogre

Not only the regular Zinogre, Capcom also adds the subspecies Stygian Zinogre to the game.

Bond Attack

Stygian Zinogre’s Bond Attack is called “Cross High-Volt“. This move allows Stygian Zinogre to cover itself in bright Dragon Light, and smashes its enemies from above.

Ride Action

Stygian Zinogre’s Ride Action is called “Jump“. This move allows you to leap over to the other side of cliffs which is normally out of reach on your own.



Monster Hunter Stories - Barroth

The Landslide Wyvern Barroth, who is very troublesome to fight in previous Monster Hunter titles, can be quite helpful in this game.

Bond Attack

Barroth’s Bond Attack is called “Barroth Charge“. This move allows Barroth to dig up rocks and charge towards enemies to cause serious damage.

Ride Action

  • Insect Detection

One of Barroth’s Ride Action is “Insect Detection“, which allows you to detect insect nodes across the field (can be seen in the bottom screen).

  • Underground Movement

Monster Hunter Stories - Ride Action - Underground Movement

Barroth’s other Ride Action is called “Underground Movement“. This move allows you to reach the other side of a wall or other places through underground.



Monster Hunter Stories - Seregios

The Thousand Blade Wyvern Seregios made its first appearance in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and will be joining Monster Hunter Stories as Otomon.

Bond Attack

Seregios’ Bond Attack is called “Shooting Star“. This move allows Seregios to fire its quill-like golden scales at enemies.

Ride Action

Seregios’ Ride Action is called “Flight“. This move allows you to soar into the sky freely without having to worry about encountering enemies.

Monster Hunter Stories will be available in Japan on October 8 for Nintendo 3DS.


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