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Moe Dungeon RPG Moero Chronicle Travels West This Summer!

Rejoice, Mateys! The Moe Dungeon RPG Moero Chronicle developed by Compile Heart, will travel west to obtain its English localization! Idea Factory International is the one that realizes all your hopes to play this game in English. What’s more, it will be on Steam for your beloved PC, but not your adorable PlayStation Vita.

Well, exciting isn’t it? To make you become more excited, do read this overview of the game first:

A shy, young man named Io has a certain complex, yet laughable problem: cannot talk to women! Every time he talks, perverted though just comes and drives him out of control. Except two certain individuals, namely Lilia (his best friend) and… a Monster Girl. Yep. Simply a Monster Girl will take him into even more complex and difficult problems to be solved. As he is tasked to do some errands in Monstopia, Monster Girls rampage here and there which results in pain and destruction. What are the causes? Play the game and experience the wrath of Monstopia!

Here is a cute screenshot of the game:

Moero Chronicles Screenshot

This screenshots will be even better if you purchase the game through Steam since the game will have a 1080p graphics! Makes you want to play it, right?

Additionally, the game also offers some features:

  • Moe Monsters Moe Problems! Similar to Pokemon, you have to capture recruit the Monster Girls to fight for you by weakening them in battle.
  • Can I Kick it? This time, treat your Monster Girls nice and good so that they will be useful to you. Of course, they will ‘level up’ and become stronger by becoming closer to you. Give them gifts, souvenirs, items, belongings firsthand.
  • Trait Flexin’ It is all about strategy! You have to assign your Monster Girls by keeping their Moe Traits to unleash some abilities (HP recovery, offense/defense buff)
  • Nothin’ Wrong with a Little Bumping Scratch! You have to tame the Monster Girls’ rampage by finding their weak points in their body! You may touch, rub, poke, or pick until they’re satisfied tamed!

Moero Chronicle will be released in English sometime this Summer for PC in West.

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