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Mobius Final Fantasy English Pre-Registration is Available Now!

Mobius Final Fantasy Logo Art

Not too long since Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has been released worldwide, another cool Final Fantasy game for smartphone will launch soon! Mobius Final Fantasy English pre-registration has been opened and you can do it in the official website here. There are in-game prizes when the accumulated pre-registered players has reached certain milestone too.

Mobius Final Fantasy English Pre-registration has game prized depends on th enumber of pre-registered players. Yuna card is an example.

Every player will get a Yuna Card if the pre-registered players reach 50,000!

Mobius Final Fantasy is a Final Fantasy smartphone game that was previously released exclusively in Japan since Jun 2015. The game is developed by Square Enix, with Yoshinori Kitase as the game’s produces. It has a unique episodic RPG genre and featuring many classic Final Fantasy gameplay elements such as turn-based battles with 3D stunning graphic.


Mobius Final Fantasy armor

Armor for your character. Mevius Final Fantasy is the Japanese version of Mobius

Below is the game’s prelude:

This world is not your home,
For you hail from elsewhere.
All you have ever known is war.

All your memories have vanished.
You’ve drifted without them to the land of Palamecia.

There are many outsiders here like you.
With your past erased from memory, they have begun to call you The Blanker.

Though you have lost your past, you may still hold the future.
In Palamecia, there is a prophecy:
“When despair enshrouds the world, a Warrior of Light shall appear.”

This world is under siege by the evil armies of Chaos.
In accordance with the prophecy, a hero with no past will arise to save the world.

Among the blankers, there is one, perhaps even you,
Who will emerge as the legendary Warrior of Light.
Fight for the future, Blanker, and bring hope to Palamecia.


battle screenshot from Mevius Final Fantasy, the japanese version of Mobius FF

A battle screenshot from Mevius (Mobius) Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy will be released globally for Android and iOS this year. Read all post related to Final Fantasy here.

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