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Mobile RPG Seventh Rebirth First Trailer Revealed

Seventh Rebirth - Title

After previously teased the new game, GungHo Online Entertainment revealed the first trailer for the newly-announced mobile RPG Seventh Rebirth. The game is scheduled to release for iOS and Android this Fall in Japan.

The game takes place in a world that goes on the cycle of destruction and rebirth in every 1000 years. The players take the role of a mayor who’s in charge of developing a town. In the beginning of the game, you begin with preparing for an adventure in town, and after that, you can head to new areas and dungeons afterwards.

There are a lot of facilities that can be built in the town, such as battle-beneficial facilities, and also resource-producing facilities. There are also various selections of dungeons and you can take the villagers with you to the dungeon to further develop the town. You can also find rare items within the dungeons.

The basic jobs of this game are Fighter, Priest, Wizard, and Ranger, while the advanced jobs include Monk, Ninja, and Paladin.

Seventh Rebirth - Poster illustration

This week’s Famitsu revealed that this game will be a free-to-play game. Here are the key staff members of this game:

  • Executive Producer: Kazuki Morishita
  • Producer: Hiromichi Tanaka
  • Director: Takashi Hirose
  • Music: Yasunori Mitsuda
  • Scenario: Nobuyuki Inoue
  • Art Director: Koji Tsuda

The magazine also features an interview with the staff members of the game, including producer Hiromichi Tanaka, the producer of Final Fantasy XI back in the day.

Tanaka said that he’s been going in and out of the hospital, but he’s feeling better now. The reason he joined GungHo started during a testimonial dinner hosted by Enterbrain back in January of 2012, where he met Kazuki Morishita. He already decided on leaving Square Enix at the time, and they had a talk about working on something together.

“The game started out with talk about if there are any new kinds of MMORPGs geared for smartphone,” said Morishita, in which Tanaka added, “It is basically being made to be a very orthodox RPG. Instead of something shiny, we’re making it into a fun and fleshed out game.”

“This time, it’s not just GungHo, but also a multitude of staff involved. It’s basically a GungHo all-stars with a collection of excellent staff,” said Morishita with a laugh. Tanaka hopes to see the game to release as soon as possible so that the “borrowed staffs” can get back to their previous projects. With that said, Morishita believes that Seventh Rebirth will turn out to be a high quality product.

Seventh Rebirth will release for iOS and Android in Japan this Fall.


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