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Is Mobile Gaming the New King of Gaming Industry?

Is Mobile Gaming the New King of Gaming Industry

Before the era of Mobile Games, browser or web-based games are the main alternatives of console gaming. I still remember when I was addicted to Facebook flash game Farmville, or another popular flash MMORPG like Sword Art Online Legends. One of my friend has also played some online casino games like casino.com that only require internet connection and a browser, obviously. However, the rising of mobile penetration rate all over the world makes mobile gaming become the new main alternative of console gaming.

Mobile Gaming become a new prospect in the gaming world popularized by the age of Android and iOS devices. Compared to its older brother, Console Gaming, this kind of games are usually lighter in appearance, not boasting in graphical beauty. While there are some high end Mobile Games that are also sought to a more polished graphics, normally mobile gaming has simple graphics and puts more emphasis on their gameplay mechanics.

Granblue Fantasy Gacha

Pray to RNG-sama and click it!

RPG Mobile Games has also evolved through this new battlefield, as evidenced by Grindblu- I mean, Granblue Fantasy, Valkyrie Connect, Fate/ Grand Order to name a few. Their Character Collection feature via Random Number Generator mechanism has drawn a lot of players to their games. Well, who doesn’t want their ‘waifu’ on their party anyway? Especially on games like F/GO that has a bond system that would open up the servants to their master.

Speaking of Random Number Generator, also nicknamed as Gacha from its Japanese counterpart name Gachapon. We can safely say that the number one income for Mobile Games like these are its Micro Transactions, buying gems/jewels/golds or whatever currency they use for their cash items.

From as cheap as $1 to a whooping $1000, you can buy a character and/or roll yourself another chance in the gacha for that one character you want. But in most games with huge pool of Characters, this would prove almost impossible, but not really that impossible. Remember that Random Number Generator thingie I said earlier? You guys can put up offerings for RNG-sama for the best roll. No, seriously, some people has actually put some offering before rolling their gacha hoping for good roll.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Buy Jewels

Micro-transactions in a mobile game. Guess what is it?

More and more huge companies had saw this Mobile Gaming prospect and acts accordingly, putting up their frontline games into the fray, such as Mario Jump, Fire Emblem Heroes, Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney series (one of which just released recently on Android), and don’t forget the one that starts the huge boom on this platform, Pokemon GO. Even the famous Square Enix has a few Final Fantasy games on their belt ready to tackle the battlefield named Mobile Gaming. Yes, please be excited.

Also, did you know? The great N has rumored to follow up the success of Mario Jump and prepare a Legend of Zelda for Mobile, as well as more of their other leading games. It is quite obvious that mobile game titles will be the new Cash Cow for gaming industry. Well, we could only hope that great new things coming for the Mobile Gaming market.

Do you think mobile game will be enthroned in the king’s seat for a long time? Sounds your opinion in the comment section below!

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