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Metal Max Xeno Reveals Tanks, Attribute Chips, and More!

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Mateys! Here are some revelations from a game with an army-themed RPG.

Kadokawa Games revealed the details for some tanks, attribute chips, as well as the monsters that will be fought for their game entitled Metal Max Xeno. First thing first, a new tank will be introduced, and then the new attribute chips, monsters and boss monster will be revealed as well.

New Tank: Type-10 Kai

The tank is based on the JSDF‘s newest model and it can be obtained in the earliest part in the game.

Attribute Chips Revealed

This Attribute Chips can be obtained from some boxes and monsters, and those things can be inserted to Attribute Sockets. This will improve your main firepower as well as powering up some of your tanks’ skills. According to the manual, there are two types of Attribute Chips: Active and Passive. Active Attributes will always be used during the battle while the Passive Attributes will always active and affects the stats of the tanks.

Wanted Monsters: Grifftoro

Grifftoro has a higher evasion rate and is a flying monster. That’s why you have to equip some Anti-Air Chip in order to hit it as you please.

Boss Monsters Revealed: Battleship Saurus and Mothership Saurus

This is a combination between dinosaur and a battleship since it has a metallic and a dinosaur-like body. You have to equip Grand Rush Active Chip if you want to hit them to unleash the Cannon Rush attack against them. It will produce high damage against them and will be very helpful in the battle.

Previously, the game detailed the characters and tanks by releasing a trailer.

Metal Max Xeno will launch for PS4 and PS Vita on April 19th 2018 in Japan, and some time later in the future for North America and Europe.

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