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Megaton Musashi Interview With Akihiro Hino

Megaton Musashi, a robotic action RPG developed by Level-5 explained by the CEO itself Akihiro Hino in a special interview by siliconera :

  • Megaton Musashi world suits the old-style players and will be filled with everything about robots.
  • Players will enjoy the game not just from the main character perspective.
  • There will be some scene in the game that show us a lot of epic action outside and inside the robots, along with the “special moves signature“ inside the robot cockpit.
  • The developer, Level 5, intend to develop the game in 3DS.

Here is the original highlight by siliconera:

Megaton Musashi will be something that goes all-out with robots. It has a world setting that will resonate with the generation of older folks.


The protagonist is Yamato Ichidaiji, but you’ll get to see it in the perspective of characters other than Yamato. Think of it like Danball Senki Wars.


There’s a focus of showing the cool factor of robots in Megaton Musashi, along with the “awesome action that takes place inside the cockpit” where you’ll see characters shouting out special attack names and pulling levers.


We got to see a toy that resembles Musashi’s cockpit, but Hino hopes to have something that resembles something that connects to the game like what we saw in Steel Battalion on Xbox.


Supporting hardware is still being decided, but for now Level-5 is thinking about 3DS developments. Since Megaton Musashi’s production revolves around giant robots and anime, Hino said that they’re considering high-spec consoles that will allow you to fully enjoy such contents. He also said that if possible, he’d like players to play on screens that are as large as possible.

you can also access siliconera here

Megaton Musashi is expected to launch in Summer 2017 for Nintendo 3DS, and possibly for other console. Check also news coverage from Level-5 Vision 2016 event here.

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