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Mediocre Monster is Not Your Typical RPG

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In an RPG, it is normal to play the game from the heroes’ point of view. A band consists of a knight, a barbarian, and a mage travels through some early dungeons to grind their levels. It is normal, right? However, what if the point of view is flipped? Instead of viewing things from the heroes’ perspective, why not try from the low level monsters’ perspective? This is the basic idea of Mediocre Monster. Here is the teaser trailer for you to get the gist of what this game is about.

In this game, we will be playing as Gob, a goblin who works as a randomly-encountered monster. As seen in the teaser trailer above, Gob’s career starts as one of the weakest monster in generic RPGs and gets promoted to a higher level randomly-encountered monster with different color palette.


As a randomly-encountered monster of an RPG who is meant to be defeated, there are more things to do instead of landing a few hits until the enemy dies like what the heroes do. There are rules for Gob to follow in order to succeed in his career, such as making acceptable hurt faces when the heroes land a critical hit, or attacking the taunter instead of the others.

mediocre monster bestiary guide

Mediocre Monster bestiary guide

Below is the visual example of the taunt rule.


mediocre monster correct taunt


mediocre monster incorrect taunt


Gob lives in a town called The Grind, which was once a thriving, developing town in the 1990s. The biggest industry of the town is outsourcing RPG monsters. Since then, many monsters from the town decided to leave the town for a better career as opportunities in Mobile and FPS arose. The town does not have many things left to offer other than a handful of random monsters and deteriorated buildings.

The condition of the town drove the mayor to task Gob to help him in reviving the town. In doing so, Gob can use his hard-earned gold to improve the town by constructing new buildings.

mediocre monster carpenter

Town constructions menu

mediocre monster decorations

Town decorations menu

In addition, Gob is also tasked to help repopulate the town by inviting monsters. Decision-makings are involved in recruiting monsters to town, which will affect the town, and the industry as a whole. By recruiting monsters, new opportunities and activities will arise for Gob to do.

mediocre monster yeti

Recruiting Yeti


In order to give the old-school-yet-modern feel to the game, the animation of the game is manually hand-drawn frame by frame. The developer team once thought of using the 16-bit graphics to match the theme, but they decided not to because the style is already overused. In addition to that, hand-drawn animation gives more life and vividness to the game.

mediocre monster animationmediocre monster bottle


This game is yet to be released. This project is developed and will be published by Square Enix Collective, and funded by Kickstarter. Make sure to check out the webcomic in the official website. If you are interested in keeping up with the progress of the project, check out the Kickstarter page to see the milestones.

Mediocre Monster is to be released on April 2017 on PC and Mac.


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