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Medabots: Girls Mission Debut Trailer Shows Off Robattle and Custom Break System

Medabots Girls Mission Will be relased on March 2016

Before the Medabots 9, the latest entry in the main series, has been released, Japanese fans already got another Medabots game waiting to be released. Medabots: Girls Mission has been announced earlier this year and the first series’s Cero C-rated title.

Yes, that means this is not the usual Medabots we know who appeals to everyone and ‘kids-friendly’ game. So far, all the human characters are girls only.
Medabots: Girls Mission come with two version: Kabuto and Kuwagata Version

As you can see above, Medabots: Girls Mission will come in two versions: the Kabuto Version and Kuwagata Version. There will be a different protagonist and some exclusive girls for each version.

You can look for the Medabots: Girls Mission debut trailer below:

The trailer showcases some of the main characters and let you take a look of the robattle (robot battle term for Medabots series). The battle will be conducted in 3D graphic, an improvement from the previous series.

Robattle - a medabot battle in Medabots: Girls Mission

In the trailer, you can also see another feature called “Ogre Maxim“. Using it in battle will greatly enhance the battle capabilities of the Medabot. You can only use this once per battle. The effect will become more effective and longer if the points on the Medabot’s part is lower.

Medabots: Girls Mission debut trailer shows the feature of Ogre Maxim

Another ‘unique’ feature to this game is the Costume Break System. In the battle, you can use a Hyper Finish move which can be executed after filling up the special attack meter to 200% and unleash the Medaforce Burst. This will blow off the clothing of your opponent as you can see in the end of the trailer.

The characters - all girls - in Medabots: Girls Mission

Medabots: Girls Mission Kabuto and Medabots: Girls Mission Kuwagata will be released for 3DS on March 10, 2016 in Japan. No details have been confirmed so far for the western release.


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