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Mary Skelter: Nightmares Premise and Battle System Explained!

Mary Skelter: Nightmares Premise and Battle System Explained!

Do you know Mary Skelter: Nightmares? A game by Idea Factory International that is coming this summer. Or maybe you don’t? You can read this post to start getting know about the game! But, for those who already know and is looking forward to it, are you curious about some of the game details? Especially about the battle system. Well, we have a great news to satisfy your curiosity!

Recently DualShockers had the chance to discuss about the upcoming horor but moe dungeon crawler with the publisher at GDC 2017, and here are the results:

Mary Skelter has some pretty interesting horror elements scattered throughout each dungeon. The player will wake up as the main protagonist, Jack, who must help guide the Blood maidens out of a dangerous and mysterious prison that they’ve all found themselves in. Essentially, the prison that the characters are trapped in is alive and has three needs that need to be fulfilled: Lust, Hunger, and Sleep.

Each character is inspired by a character found in Grimm Fairy Tails. For example: Jack is from Jack and the Bean Stalk, Alice if from Alice in Wonderland, and so on.

Like other RPG dungeon crawlers, players will travel corridors in the first person in search of the exit. To streamline the dungeon exploring process, players will be able to use a speed walk feature. This is done by opening the map and choosing a location at which point the character will automatically travel to the destination in the shortest way possible.

Battles will be random encounters throughout the dungeon. When a player first enters a battle they’ll have to choose an action for Jack between remain idle or defend one of the heroines. There are hearts that represent Jack’s in battle stamina which will deplete if he gets attacked. In the scenario that Jack loses all of the hearts he will be knocked out for a few turns.

During battle, players will have the choice to use a couple of various options for the Skelter girls, including attack and special skills. Also, there’s a pink meter that increases as the player delivers critical attacks. Once full, players will be able to transform into a much stronger state, or chose an option to have the character lick blood off of another party member and heal their HP and SP. Sadly, there is no animation for the licking scenes, but the transformation scenes are rather impressive.

To add more customizability to the game, there is a job class system that can be used to add skills and abilities to the party. Players will need to spend points to change their job, but they’ll be able to keep the skills learned from previous jobs. This feature could allow players to build a character to fit their playstyle. The last system that we were able to check out was the “Nightmare” scenarios. This is where players will be in multi-corridor room where a monster makes its way over to you. Players will have the option to try and run to get away, or fight the beast. These scenes really make the game stand out and even had me a little scared as I thought we had made it far enough only to turn around and see the monster right behind me. Evidently later on in the game, players will be able to set traps to assist in escaping these monsters. Trust me, it’s pretty scary.

Are you become more excited to play the game? Mary Skelter: Nightmares will be available in North America and Europe in Summer 2017 for PlayStation Vita.
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