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Make Your Own Oasis in Ever Oasis , A New RPG from Nintendo

Nintendo has announced their new IP for 3DS titled Ever Oasis at E3. This RPG developed by Grezzo (Ocarina of Time 3D, Majora’s Mask 3D). As Player, you have mission to create Oasis with your partner, Isuna. You will battle with your ally to fight Chaos that threatening dessert in real-time combat. You can also collect material in dungeon that filled with puzzle.

3DS_EverOasis_E32016_characterset_01 (530 x 450)

Here the first trailer that announced at E3 2016:

This is a list of features and information from Nintendo Treehouse: (Thanks Nintendo Everything)

  • Takes place in the desert
  • Main character is the leader of the oasis
  • Many challenges in the oasis
  • You’ll encounter different tribes
  • Build shops, then keep it stocked
  • Stock up shops with the game’s currency, and then the shops sell the inventory and you collect money from wanderers who come into the oasis
  • Make your own party
  • Characters have their own special ability
  • Main character Tethu, who can be male/female, has a wind ability known as Green Gale
  • This can be used in puzzle-solving
  • Tethu: chosen seedling
  • Switch between characters to solve puzzles
  • Miura and Roto are other characters
  • Synthesize to create and grow weapons/equipment
  • Can dodge attacks
  • Those who are at the oasis will give you sidequests
  • Get new party members this way
  • Roto is able to become a pellet, move into areas others can’t
  • Ability for lock-on for enemy attacks
  • Characters may be stronger against different types of enemies
  • Starts out with your brother showing you how to make an oasis
  • Chaos kidnaps him and also turns creatures into monsters
  • Defeat these creatures and they’ll be restored
  • Inn included at the oasis
  • Save points
  • Day/night mechanics
  • When sun sets, can’t stock the shop anymore
  • In the night, when you wander in the desert, enemies are a bit tougher and scarier
  • Collecting is very important in the game; collect berries and other items
  • Can grow plants

Check out the screenshots below (click to enlarge):

Over Oasis is still in development for Nintendo 3DS. Check also all the E3 2016 coverage news here.

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