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Makai Wars ‘Mobile RPG’ Revealed!

Makai Wars Main Pic

Here we go, mateys, some updates for the postponed game. Want to know the progress?

As you already (or maybe don’t) know, Nippon Ichi Software announces that their game project, Makai Wars, undergoes change for its release. They plan it to be released for Mobile. The game is originally planned for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3.

Well, enough of intermezzo. The game is RPG-styled, with the combination of tactics and strategy. The main character is Asagi, one of Disgaea‘s characters. Additionally, the game itself is said to be the combination between Yurudorashiru and Disgaea series.


Here are some pictures to give you some information about the game:

Those pictures are the game’s battle system. More like strategy and tactical game, don’t they? Well, at least, those pictures encourage you to look forward to play the game (of course, you, who are into this type of game, especially).

As a compensation, here is the picture of our main character of the game:

Asagi Makai Wars

For your information, President Niikawa, the company’s person-in-charge, informed that the game will be released for consoles too. However, it is still a plan for further release. So, you just have to play the mobile version first, and then proceed to its console version, if any.

Makai Wars is currently being developed and announced for iOS and Android.

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