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Lost Sphear Get Details for Main Character, Story, and World!

Lost Sphear Get Details for Main Character, Story, and World!

Who knew that there is a world made from memories, and there are also people living in that world! When the memories disappear, so is the world; the living beings; even the planet disappear! This is the theme of Lost Sphear, the new classic JRPG by Square Enix and developed by I Am Setsuna’s developer, Tokyo RPG Factory.

Previously we got the story overview, a trailer, and some screenshots. Today we get more details for Lost Sphear’s main characters, and a little bit more details about the story and the game’s world made from memories provided by this week Famitsu.

Just like a novel’s summary that’s always located on the back of the book, here is another overview about the Lost Sphear’s story.

This world is created by memories.

As humans live on, they become memories of the planet, and that is how this world is built.

Even memories from the ancient times still remain as memories at this very moment.

And when that memory fades, so does its existence.

This is what people call “Lost.”

When something is Lost, it can no longer be retrieved from mankind’s power alone.

This was meant to be the law of nature, no matter the generation.

However, a young man with the ability to use the “power of memories” arrives to this world.

The man’s name is Kanata.

Does this mean hope for the world, or is it a new despair?

That’s something nobody knows.

But there’s no mistaking what’s to come—a journey surrounding Kanata’s memories that is about to leave a big impact on this world.

Apparently the ‘Lost’ phenomenon suddenly appeared in Kanata and friends’ hometown, Moon Bell City of El. This phenomenon covers those that exists within the lost memories with white mist instantly, and it’s taking place all around the world of Lost Sphear; the beautiful world that have variety of places and cultures. It will be a shame to lost that kind of world; the precious memories.

Let’s jump into the main characters.

  • Kanata

Lost Sphear Get Details for Main Character, Story, and World!

This 16 y.o guy is the main character, and as we can see in the picture, he wields a sword. Before we get into more details about him, he has something to say for the game as seen in the picture below.

Lost Sphear Get Details for Main Character, Story, and World!

They say that the world was created by the moon…

That’s a fairy tale I’ve heard a long time ago…

Around the time mother was still around…

They say that the world has vanished on many occasions, and it was revived just as many times.


Even today, I still remember the “moon” that was in the picture book…

So big… so cold… so beautiful… and ghastly.


But that’s still just a fairy tale. The moon can’t say anything, nor can it do anything…

Yes, since a long time ago.

So apparently the ‘Lost’ phenomenon has appeared not just once,  and the world have been revived many times as well.

The guy learned how to use the sword on his own, and he has talent. He can even face the imperial soldiers! He has the responsibility of taking out monsters that occasionally appear in town.

Kanata awakens the power of memories after ‘Lost’ have reached El. Because of this, the Empire asks for his help investigationg the ‘Lost’ that is going across the world. Of course, he cooperate with the empire, but under the condition if the Empire could help find his mother who disappeared when he was still a child.

  • Lumina

Lost Sphear Get Details for Main Character, Story, and World!

With a gauntlet on her right arm, and gloves on her left arm, we can assume that she is a martial artists. A good one at that.

Lumina is Kanata’s childhood friend who somehow got into El when she was young; she got drifted away into the town, and lives there ever since. Just like Kanata, her martial arts are self-taught. She help Kanata and other guards with her abilities, even thought she has average physical ability and magic capabilities.

The first time Lumina got into El, and before meeting Kanata, she doesn’t really have emotions. That’s why she have some deep affection for the guy; a complicated feeling that she herself doesn’t know if that’s a romantic feeling or just a friend who really cares about her childhood friend (fyi she’s 18 y.o, 2 years older than Kanata! So maybe it is a feeling from a big sister towards her little brother?). Additionally she’s a kind, and polite girl who always thoughtful of others. But! Occasionally she gives a good smacking for Kanata and Locke.

  • Locke

Lost Sphear Get Details for Main Character, Story, and World!

Another childhood friend of Kanata and Lumina! This 13 y.o boy that wields bow gun is bright and cheerful. His actions often drag his friends along the way, whether it is trouble or not.

Believe it or not, the bow gun on his hand is handmade. He made it himself, and seems an expert at that; for he can make it so easy just like making a toy! Not all people can do that, and because of that reason, he also protect the city along with Kanata and Lumina.

Even though he looks just like an average boy, Locke’s father is a high-ranking official of the Empire. He has a complex feeling about his father, tho, because he never really met him. With that reason, and the hope of meeting his father, he decided to tag along with his friends on their journey.

  • Vahn

Lost Sphear Get Details for Main Character, Story, and World!

A game can’t be completed without a mysterious character, no? Even I Am Setsuna has a mysterious character! The man that wields scythe; The Reaper! This time, the man wields Bit; a yet mysterious element (weapon) of the game. It is capable in both attack and defense, and is controlled by magic. Apparently not many can use this unique weapon because of the difficulty, but he is exceptionally good with it.

If The Reaper from I Am Setsuna appears as an antagonist before joining the party, this 20 y.o mysterious man named Vahn that sudenly appears in Moon Bell City of El joins Kanata and his friends on the journey right after witnessing Kanata awaken to his power. Vahn appears to know something about the ‘Lost’, but doesn’t say much about it. He is the type of people who rough on the outside, but kind on the inside.


Lost Sphear will be available for PC, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch sometime this fall in Japan, and early next year in both North America and Europe.

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