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Lost Sphear Gameplay, now featured in E3 2017!

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Lost Sphear, another classic-themed RPG by Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix shows its gameplay. Previously announcedSquare Enix Director Atsushi Hashimoto shares a video showing the game’s specific feature, adventure, and battle system during E3 2017. If you still cannot imagine the gameplay, check this video first:


The video clearly shows us its settings, including its playable characters, the battle system and places that can be explored. Not to mention the journey and camera angle too, all of this feature is shown and hopefully, lives up to our expectation. Since the video is out, it is time for some screenshots featuring the gameplay (battle system, exploration, and conversation). Enjoy!:

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Alrighty, its time to explain the features concerning battle system, exploration and conversation.

  • Battle System is turn-based, you will select one of your party to attack the enemies, and the turn will set according to several stats (usually based on agility or pre-emptive strike). If you play most of Square Enix‘s game, you will immediately adjusted yourself. If this is your first playthrough, you have to adapt yourself first (obviously!)
  • Exploration will encompass villages, town, forest, dungeon, and worldmap. Characters become SD (Super Deformed) while you walk through places in the game. A little bummer though, but beautiful color pattern and simple settings are somewhat the game’s main attraction.
  • Conversation will take place immediately when you talk to people (like most typical RPG).

Also, don’t miss this post if you want to learn about the game too. It helps you understanding the main concern of this game.

Another video, however, is the direct interview that is done during E3 2017. You may watch it in case you need detailed information concerning the game.


How was it? Hopefully we can enjoy this game sooner. Now, patience and patience until the time is nigh!

Lost Sphear is still in development and will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on early 2018.

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