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The Lost Child Gameplay Footages Have Been Revealed!

The Lost Child Gameplay

Previously, we are given cutscene from The Lost Child. This time Kadokawa Games has released The Lost Child gameplay footage! Four videos are released each of which showing the game’s first gameplay. Additionally, more details about its feature is also revealed!


The videos starts with dialogue scenes with the characters, including protagonist Hayato Ibuki, the angel Parcia, and more. The demon device Gangaur, with which Hayato can capture astral enemies. also makes an appearance.

Details & Features

Astrals come in three categories of Angels, Demons, and Fallen Angels. They can also be powered up as follows:

  • There’s a constant probability of your participating Astrals to learn new skills in battle.


  • You can level up Astrals by infusing them with Karma that is acquired in battle. Karma comes in three colors of red (Demons), blue (Angels), and  purple (Fallen Angels) and you’ll need to use the right colors in order to level up the corresponding Astrals.


  • Astrals that reach max level can evolve into their next forms.

The next part is about transferring skills:

  • Skills that are learned during combat can be traded with skills of other Astrals.


  • However, keep in mind that skills that you trade between Astrals but be of same value in order to pull it off.

The next part is about “Reformatting” Astrals:

  • You can make an Astral’s level go back to 1.
  • By doing so, your Astral’s starting stats will be much higher than it originally was at level 1, allowing you to further increase its potential.
  • You can basically get any weak Astral and use the Reformat feature and skill transfers to eventually make it into a strong one.

And finally, the last bit is about the endless dungeons that await after completing the main story:

  • The Lost Child offers a beefy “infinite dungeons” feature after completing the main story.

  • There are infinite dungeons prepared for this mode, and the further you go the tougher the enemies you’ll find.

  • By using the enhancement systems, the objective is to take on these dungeons using your very own party of powered-up Astrals.

  • During the test-play sessions, the developers spent over 300 hours playing the post-game dungeons content alone.

The Lost Child will be available in the west for both PS4 and PS Vita on August 24th, 2017. Check out our previous report of the game here.


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