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Legrand Legacy is Released for PC Now!

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Mateys, here comes another cool game for you to be played.

SemiSoft released their project game entitled Legrand Legacy which has a cool story and gameplay for PC on this January 24th after their long progress. The game also will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 2019. For now, you can just play the PC version via Steam.

To refresh your memory regarding the game, here is the overview:

Legrand, a land with lots of battles and war, Finn becomes a savior despite his condition that cannot remember anything (amnesia). He is a slave, and often get involved in a battle. Exploiting his power, an old man buys his freedom and he is tasked to save the old man’s daughter. Later on, Finn will find himself in a very difficult situation: he has to save the entire Legrand from its lurking darkness and conflicts. Finn also will recruit some of allies along the way, and he will make Dumville Castle as his HQ.

Explore the beauty and uniqueness of Legrand by doing side quests, crafting weapons, engage in some competitions, and find suitable combos for defeating enemies using Finn’s power! Let the adventure begin with Finn’s fate to save the land from its darkness along with his companion.

After the overview, here is the comment from the Director of the game, Lain Garner:

Legrand Legacy is packed with callbacks to classic JRPGs, from the modern take on original PlayStation style graphics to music, gameplay and mini-games. Most importantly, the story is the kind of epic RPG fans crave.

The game will be priced $24.99 USD. There are several language patches such as English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Russian. For your info, the game successfully Kickstarted by 1,000 backers on January 18th, 2017, which surpasses the original goal: £40,000 (more thatn $53,000 USD).

Before, the game launched its beta version and announced the console versions too.

Legrand Legacy is available for PCThe game also will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 2019. The game will also scheduled to be launched for Nintendo Switch too.

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