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Legrand Legacy Alpha Demo Now Available Exclusively for Backers

Legrand Legacy - Title Screen

The alpha demo of Semisoft‘s newest RPG, Legrand Legacy, is now available exclusively for their backers in Kickstarter and Paypal. The alpha gameplay footage was already released, showing 2 minutes of the battle and city exploration.

Fortunately, the people at Semisoft are kind enough to give us the opportunity to try out the alpha version of the game. Even though I have yet to finish the alpha version of the game, I believe I have seen enough to give a quick review of Legrand Legacy.

The battle system is one of the essential part of the game, of course. I like the fact that there are party members that we can put in the front and in the back, just like in Final Fantasy. Essentially, the characters that you want to put in the front are the ones with high physical attributes, while the ones in the back row should be caster and ranged DPS.

I don’t know if this is the way the battle flow is intended to be, but there are many times I find myself in need to block enemies attacks. For example, there are three enemies in the front row, which means that this enemies are most likely to charge into the character(s) in the front row (in my case, it’s Finn). In other RPGs, I would normally keep on attacking the enemies, but not in this game. It would be too reckless to do so as Finn will take up too much damage, and will eventually die. To overcome such situation, I put Finn on guard while Eris and Aria deal damage to the enemies from the back row. Nevertheless, the battle system is fun and very enjoyable.

Legrand Legacy - Alpha Gameplay Screenshot 4

I can’t say much about the music, since I am no expert on that matter, but I dare say that the music suits the game nicely, and is quite catchy.

One other thing that I really like from the game is the 2D character illustrations. Art-wise, they all look so good that they’re so lovable. Of course, the art and design in its entirety is just as good.

I managed to run into some glitches i.e. the battle animation was (probably) unable to be executed properly resulting in getting stuck during the battle sequence, unable to go back into previous area as if there’s an invisible wall blocking the path. Even so, it is understandable as it’s still the alpha version.

Overall, this is a game that I would definitely look forward to to be released and get myself a copy of it.

Legrand Legacy is expected to be released for PC via Steam sometime this year.


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