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Kingdom Hearts Union X Link with Kingdom Hearts III Teased!

Kingdom Hearts Union X Link with Kingdom Hearts III Teased!

Previously we got several news for Kingdom Hearts III regarding its newest trailers and some more information. Those are revealed during Kingdom Hearts‘ fan event at the recent D23 Expo in Japan. Apparently, the developer did not only reveal for KH III, but also Kingdom Hearts Union X! They really have something that might interest you with these two.

About “Kingdom Hearts Union Cross”, there were updates on its progress, as well as Nomura talking with fellow Staff about future developments.

Here’s an excerpt of what was said:

  • They are planning Player vs Player contents to work like the current Colosseum. It will not be real time battles. Planned for release sometime in Spring
  • About linking Union Cross and Kingdom Hearts 3. They are planning to have something like if you play Union Cross, something special will occur in KH3 etc.
  • About the link with KH3 again, Nomura calls it “Project Xtrace”. KH3 and Union Cross will closely bind together. We will understand what this means this year.
  • Union Cross’ main scenario will henceforth rapidly develop.
  • Ventus is “that Ventus”. If you play KH3 then it will all connect.
  • Up until now, Union Cross has been using worlds that we have already visited in existing titles, however from here on out, the worlds that appear will be completely new, unseen before in previous games. At that point, the story will suddenly progress on and change, as will the playable content.
  • A collaboration with Final Fantasy Record Keeper was announced.

Additionally and to commemorate this, players of Kingdom Hearts Union X will be given Kingdom Hearts III King Mickey ver [EX] as login present.

Kingdom Hearts Union X Link with Kingdom Hearts III Teased!

The King KHIII Ver [EX] [All Targets | 3 SP cost] For 1 turn: Increases Upright Attack by 1, Reverse Attack by 1, Power Attack by 7 and decreases enemy Power Defense by 3. Inflicts 2 hits that deals more damage with more HP

Interesting revelation and neat present, no?

Kingdom Hearts Union X is available for Android and iOS while Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this year.

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