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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Teases Multiplayer Mode, New World, Ventus’ Role, and More!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X 1st Anniversary Japan Version

The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ will have its 1st anniversary on September 3rd. To honor it, the series’ director Tetsuya Nomura has released a special message via Twitter. He teases many exciting features that the players can look forward, such as:

  • A multiplayer mode will finally made available, where you can adventuring in quests involving multiple party members. The feature may be implemented on January 2017 update.
  • At least, there will be three new worlds that will appear in the game. He shared an image that possibly depicts the Castle of Dream (Cinderella) world as the first new world. No clue for the second world (Note: some people said it will be the Enchanted Dominion – Snow White – world), while the third world is a brand new world that has never appeared in the Kingdom Hearts universe previously.
  • Nomura also teases that the appearance of Ventus in the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] 3rd Anniversary Key Art (check the report here) will ‘clue us into the new developments starting soon’. The appearance of a certain Disney villain in the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] special episode (Unchained 0) also has the same role.

Kingdom Hearts Riku and Kairi Outfit in the Kingdom Hearts X Third Anniversary Key Art

The Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] 3rd Anniversary Key Art

Check out the full translated message below, courtesy to KHInsider. Note that knowing who is the mentioned Disney villain can be considered as a minor spoiler.

KHUχ One Year Anniversary Comment

Still only one year has passed, but I think it has been another packed one. In this one year we have caught up to the world of the forerunner KINGDOM HEARTSχ, which also reaches its end along with this milestone. However, we have prepared two new large developments for the future of the world of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchainedχ.

One of these is multiplayer, in which you can enjoy battling heartless and running around the field with your party members using the exact same comfortable controls as always. Being able to adventure with your friends easily on your smartphone is a matter that had been on my mind about for several years now. Needless to say, the fact that the development staff proposed this plan so early without me even saying anything about it had me whispering “we are connected” in my heart.

The other is a big development regarding the story. The start of season two is still some way off, but the events leading up to it will begin as main story. And, to go with that work on three new worlds has already begun. The third will be a new world starting from season two, and it will be a new Disney world that has not appeared in the KH series so far.

Moving away from KHUχ for a little, there was the ‘Ventus’ I drew for the KHχ 3rd anniversary card, and the ‘Maleficent’ that appeared in the KHχ Special Episode who left some deeply meaningful words. I hope these all clued you into the new developments that will be starting soon.

I plan to make the most of this comment space in the future, too, and by all means enjoy KINGDOM HEARTS Unchainedχ.

– KINGDOM HEARTS Series Director Tetsuya Nomura


Future KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ Update Plans!

– New world to be introduced in Main Quests! [October 2016~]

New story, and even new worlds will be released in turn. Here we introduce a section of the map of a new world.
*Note: Image appears to depict Cinderella’s chateau, in the Castle of Dreams.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Castle of Dreams

– And! Introducing multiplayer mode, where you can play with several people at once! [January 2017~]

Quests involving adventuring with multiple party members currently under development. You will be able to complete the quests by playing and communicating with party members. 

Here we introduce an in-development screenshot of moving while using in-person messages.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Multiplayer Mode

– And, we will celebrate the one year anniversary all September long!

KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ was released on the 3rd of September one year ago. Several events and campaigns will begin from midnight on the 1st of September (Thursday), so please look forward to it!

We hope you continue to enjoy KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ, and thank you for supporting us! 

As an additional note, the Japanese version is currently holding the 1st anniversary event, and the 1st Anniversary Key Art Medal is available, along with new avatars and other special events as you can see at the first image in this article.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is already available for Android and iOS in US & Europe region now. Read all post related to Kingdom Hearts here.

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