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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is Available Now and Will Feature Zootopia Costumes

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Title Screen

After a surprise announcement from Square Enix a few days ago, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is available now and you can download it on Google Play for Android and Apple Store for iOS. The game will require approximately 1.1 GB free space in your gadget, so better clean up some of your space to download it if you haven’t.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is available now! To commerate it, this artwork featuring Ephemera, Chirithy, and Skuld was released

An artwork of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ featuring the 3 key characters in the game: Ephemera, Chirithy, and Skuld.

The message from Tetsuya Nomura above is read like this: “I hope fans and newcomers alike will find themselves absorbed in this brand new adventure that reveals the origins of KINGDOM HEARTS.” This artwork was released when the game’s release date is announced a few days ago.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Launched for US Region

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ - talking with Alice

The series’ director, Tetsuya Nomura, gave us a special message regarding the game’s launch through Square Enix blog. You can view it below the launch trailer below.

The Launch Trailer for English Version



“We wanted to thank all the KINGDOM HEARTS fans for patiently waiting for the launch of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ in North America. Ever since the launch of the Japanese version, we’ve received many inquiries about when the North America version would become available.

Because this is the first KINGDOM HEARTS title that we are providing operation support for outside of Japan, I’m afraid the preparations took longer than expected; but at last, we are ready to begin services for the North American version of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ.

KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ falls into the earliest part of the KINGDOM HEARTS series chronology, and it is also the story of new beginnings. The main story may progress slowly, but part of the narrative experience is to take the time to tangibly feel other players existing in the same world as you do.

By unraveling the mystery behind the era of “fairytales”, and experiencing the truth leading up to the Keyblade War, we believe players will be able to enjoy KINGDOM HEARTS II.8 even more, which is expected to launch this year. And it goes without saying that it will link not only to KINGDOM HEARTS III, but also to what lies beyond.

The gameplay will be much different from what you may be used to in previous KINGDOM HEARTS titles; in this game, the players would aim for a “one-turn triumph” which focuses on providing players with an exhilarating gameplay experience in a short amount of time on a smartphone.

The battle mechanics were designed by the main programmer of The World Ends With You and the Co-director of KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ, Hiroyuki Ito, so if you’ve ever played The World Ends With You, you can expect a similar kind of enjoyment there as well.

While we have various elements included, such as collecting and strengthening medals, avatars with a broad range of customization, communication between party members, a ranking system and much more, it is also a game that feels right at home within the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise.

We hope KINGDOM HEARTS fans can dive into the world of KINGDOM HEARTS not only through this title, but through the upcoming titles, KINGDOM HEARTS HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue and KINGDOM HEARTS III.

At the same time, as an origins story, there are many elements in the game that new players can enjoy, and the game can also be easily picked up and played, so players in Japan are enjoying the game even if they’ve never experienced the KINGDOM HEARTS series before.

So, it would be great if fans new and old take the opportunity to play the game!”

Tetsuya Nomura

KINGDOM HEARTS Series Director

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Overview

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ - the Light vs Dark

If you are not convinced to play the game, than you might want to read the game’s overview below (taken via Google Playstore).

KINGDOM HEARTS is a tale about Light and Friendship overcoming the power of Darkness.

Over the last 15 years, millions of fans have experienced the epic tale of King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and more than 100 Disney characters joining forces with Sora, Keyblade warriors, and heroes from Square Enix’s popular FINAL FANTASY video game series as they battle to protect their friends and save all worlds from the Heartless.

Become a hero at the very beginning of the KINGDOM HEARTS story in the era of the Lost Masters. Gather LUX—a mysterious form of light—and fight the Heartless as you explore beautiful Disney worlds.

Meet familiar faces, strengthen yourself and your Keyblades!

As already noted from Nomura’s message above, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ will have a tie-in to the main entry in the game, with the obvious connection to the HD cinematic Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover.

It is one of the three contents included in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts entry, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Prologue, which will serve as the final prologue before the story in Kingdom Hearts III start. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ may also serve some important connection to the next Saga after Seeker of Darkness Saga will end in Kingdom hearts III.

(Author’s Note: Read again Nomura’s message)

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ gameplay battle

Here is the core gameplay of the game:

  • You can create your own keybade wielder and customize it to your liking, from the hair style, skin color, and even costumes! It can be changed throughout the game.
  • You can engage the enemies using turn-based battle strategy with your keyblade. Tap to attack, swipe to hit multiple targets, or swipe the medal to unleash its special abilities!
  • Try strategizing your attacks to win every battle within one turn (‘One Turn Triumph‘) and receive extra rewards after the end of the battle. Find balance between attack, magic, and speed medals.
  • You can collect and evolve hundreds of character medals from popular Disney, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts original characters and villains to harness their power in combat.
  • Team up with friends to engage strong heartless in raid battles for even greater rewards!
  • Challenge yourself and survive in the Olympus Coliseum to meet extra bosses and win rare medals.

The last screenshot below featuring some possible costumes you will get in the game; including Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, Neku Sakuraba from The Worlds End With You, and Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde from Zootopia.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ - customize your customes

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is already available for Android and iOS in US region now. Read all post related to Kingdom Hearts here.

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