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Kingdom Hearts III Will Have Another Playable Character Beside Sora + More New Info!

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The hype for Kingdom Hearts III is still going on after the reveal of a new world and a trailer that accompanies it, and i think there will be more hype after the reveal of some more information regarding the game. Just like the hype for Final Fantasy XV that was released at November 2016, Kingdom Hearts III hype will surely stay for a pretty long time. Again, i’m sure that’s what going to happen.

The new information that we got are from IGN and Gameinformer. Apparently they interviewed the game’s director, Tetsuya nomura, and gain useful information for us fans and players of Kingdom Hearts series. We’ll divide the info based on the sources who interviewed the director. First, we’ll be summarizing what IGN got:

  • On the recent D23 conference, Tetsuya Nomura, the series director revealed there will be another playable character aside from Sora. Sadly the identity of this new character is still a mystery for us. Then for Kingdom Hearts III, up to 5 characters can now join the party without sacrificing one of the original party member.
  • Still at D23, the director also said once Kingdom Hearts III completely released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, Tetsuya Nomura said there might be another release of this installment for Nintendo Switch. The director also consider to release the Collection (Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 and 3) for Xbox One, even though he isn’t sure whether there will be demands outside of the West.

While IGN only got two information from Kingdom Hearts series’ director, Gameinformer got three!

  • If you remember Kingdom Hearts II, then you might remember about its special ship. The Gummi Ship, and Gameinformer has managed to gain a confirmation for the ship return in Kingdom Hearts III!
  • A slight difference between this installment and its predecessor is its Keyblades’ transformation. Now they have another form aside from the usual key blades; two more forms, and Tetsuya Nomura said each Keyblades have their own other forms. The easiest example is already there in the recent new world trailer.
  • Lastly with Gameinformer interview with the director, Tetsuya Nomura. This time he said some interesting things, like how Pixar wants a whole new plot for their Toy Story world! An original plot!! So don’t be confused or surprised if the story in the game is a very different with the movie. The director also gave us some more fun facts:
    • He wants Toy Story to become a world since the end of Kingdom Hearts II, and thought Sora really fit and matched the world.
    • The timeline is after Toy Story 2.
    • Remember Galaxy World from the new world trailer? Then you must remember it well, because the main actions will take place there!
    • As for the worlds of Kingdom Hearts III, apparently they have some difference with the previous series. Now players can take their time to explore and enjoy the worlds of Kingdom Hearts!

That’s all that we got from IGN and Gameinformer! Be sure to check out their full report on their own website, tho! Let’s wait for another information Square Enix has for us, if they decided to reveal it, especially the official and fix release date.

Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018. You can check here for more Kingdom Hearts news!

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