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Kingdom Hearts III Release Date will be Announced Along with Detailed Info!

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Another update is up, now for an RPG which combined the action and Disney movies!

Square Enix gladly allowed themselves to be interviewed by a person from Famitsu regarding their new upcoming game: Kingdom Hearts III, revealing its scheduled release date and more info. Tetsuya Nomura and Tai Yasue were interviewed and gave us some answers which can be concluded by these points:

  • Kingdom Hearts III will have some serious tone like the previous series since it will tell the players about the Resolution.
  • The game will have some new features: climbing the wall in the mount Olympus and riding Gigas (both can be done in Toy Story and Hercules world.) There are some other features that have to be noticed by the players too.
  • The release date of the game will be announced next month (which is June) since the development is already at its final stage.
  • Mini games will contain more than 20 contents. Sora will bring his Mobile Portal to access the mini game called Classic Kingdom.
  • Link System will also have its own variation according to the characters you’re linked to (for example, linking with Ariel will allow you to dive underwater.)

As such, there are some details too regarding the game’s main story: battling Master Xehanort.

Below is the trivia of the game (revealed by the in-game characters):

  • It’s adorable watching Woody try to make sense of the reality-bending events that transpire in Kingdom Hearts. Poor fella’s just… so far out of his element, but his optimism never falters.
  • Video game-obsessed Rex talking about being stuck at the Bahamut boss in a game he’s working on was a fun touch.

….And fun trivia happened during Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Event:

  • Yosemite national park influenced the atmosphere of the Hercules world after co-director Tai Yasue visited there.
  • Wreck-it Ralph was the character they wanted to reveal next month, but then they ended up putting him in this demo.
  • Rapunzel’s hair was a challenge to work into the game — she holds it in a bundle with it trailing behind her, interacting with the terrain as she walks around. We saw a fun clip of her using it like a grappling hook to swing around a tree during combat.

Previously, the game detailed Ralph as a summon too, which can be read by clicking this link.

Kingdom Hearts III will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this year.

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