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KEMCO’s New RPG Onigo Hunter Is Available Now Worldwide!

Kemco's New RPG Onigo Hunter Is Available Now Worldwide!

Do you know KEMCO? One of many company that famous for developing and publishing games for smartphones; namely the iOS and Android. Or maybe you already know and fall in love with their games? Mainly the one for smartphones, since they provide you with RPGs that can be played anytime, anywhere. They really makes the life of an RPG gamers so much easier. Especially for those who really love RPG and somehow can’t have daily dose of RPG because of real life activities; one that needs so many time to do outside the house, and as a result cannot touch a console to play games. Yes, you still can play with a portable console, but a smartphone is much more portable than a game console.

If you carving for a new RPG for smartphones, and one from KEMCO, then we have the right announcement for you!

KEMCO has a new RPG that is now available worldwide! It is a game for Androids called Onigo Hunter, and can be downloaded right away from the Google Playstore with the price of $4,99! But, be careful not to wait a long time to download it, because KEMCO gave that special price as a celebration of the game release! The real price is $7,99. So, grab it while the special price is still on!

Now, what is Onigo Hunter? Of course, aside from it being a smartphone’s RPG with steampunk style. We actually have an overview and some of the game’s features, taken from its playstore page.

What lies beyond the doors to the ruins? Become the best hunter in the world in this fantasy RPG!

While investigating ancient ruins, the King has completely disappeared. His daughter, whose position as Princess is under threat, makes a request for help. The main character of the story, a fledgling hunter, takes on this request, and sets off on a quest to find the King…

– Set traps to capture monsters!
– Combine captured monsters, and turn them into equipment and items!
– Aim to become the strongest hunter by taking on requests at the guild
– Change your equipment to change how you look
– A whole range of achievements to complete
– Monster Catalog and a skill list!
– This premium edition offers 1000 in-game points as bonus!

The game also have a trailer! It gives a brief information about what is in the game, especially the screenshots and some features in action. Be sure to check it out! So that you can be more convinced and excited to play the game. But, if you don’t want to see the trailer, at least you can see some screenshots that we provide below.

Onigo Hunter is available for Android worldwide.


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