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Hyakki Castle’s Ancient Japanese Demons Officially Out Now for PC!

Hyakki Castle

For the horror junkies, here’s a news you wanna hear. Japanese videogame publisher, Happinet, and developer, Asakusa Studios, proudly launched Hyakki Castle. A thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful real-time dungeon crawling Edo-era RPG.

Moreover at this moment, Hyakki Castle is only available for PC via Steam. Thus, to attract new players, they gave 20% discount for $19.99 USD during a limited time launch week sale.

Happinet also announced that they have list of some additional free dungeons ready to release this year. So, stay put, guys.

Lastly, PC review keys are available to qualified press and influencers upon request via filling out the review request form here: https://goo.gl/forms/Ljpp0FYJiYdQKdzx2

You can also visit the game page here, follow the game’s updates on Facebook and on Asakusa Studio’s Twitter.


Here’s a brief Hyakki Castle’s storyline, via Happinet.

Hyakki Castle, set in the 18th century during the Edo Period of Japan, brings classic Japanese “Fantastical World” folklore and ghost stories to life with an unforgettable Ukiyoe art style as players explore the frightening halls of the castle, battling forbidding demons and terrifying ghosts along the way. Choose between a Samurai or Ninja and venture forth into the enormous castle, filled with clever and cunning traps, to do battle, solve puzzles, defeat bosses, and ultimately defeat the gloomy Lord of the castle.


Hyakki Castle is now available for PC via Steam. You can read more game features, overview, and trailer here. You won’t regret, pinkie swear.

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