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God Wars: Future Wars Announced for Western Localization

Nippon Ichi Software America announced that they will be localizing Kadokawa‘s tactical RPG game God Wars: Future Wars. The game is PlayStation 4 & PS Vita’s Exclusive and will be available in Europe and North America early 2017.


Below are the Publisher Details about God Wars: Future Wars.

In the land of Mizuho, three nations – Fuji, Izumo, and Hyuga – are at war. Since ancient times, the people of Mizuho disliked conflict and had lived in harmony with nature – however, with time the people began cultivating crops, creating metal weapons, waging war, and neglect to honor their ancestral spirits. Following a string of natural disasters, the Queen of Mizuho, Tsukuyomi, sacrificed her daughter Sakuya, and then sealed her other daughter Kaguya away in case she was needed as a sacrifice to stop other disasters in the future. The story truly begins when Princess Kaguya is freed by her childhood friend Kintaro 13 years later. The two set off on a journey across Mizuho to learn the truth behind Queen Tsukuyomi’s actions.

Key Features

  • A tale steeped in Japanese tradition – Step into Japan as you have never before seen it, and discover the wonder has that captivated orators, storytellers, and generations of people. Discover their stories, and meet the Myriad gods.
  • A wealth of customization and tactics – Customize 14 playable characters from more than 30 classes with 400+ skills and more than 250 unique pieces of equipment as you mold your party to face each new challenge.
  • Visuals from another age – Inspired by traditional Japanese ink painting and wood carving art, the artwork of God Wars will transport players to an age filled with mythology and wonder.

A PlayStation 4 demo of God Wars is currently available via the PlayStation Store in Japan.

God Wars: Future Wars localized version will be available for PS4 & PS Vita early 2017.


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