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God Eater 3 Reveals New Techniques and More!

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A certain RPG from a very famous game with several series will teach you its moves and actions.

Bandai Namco updated their project entitled God Eater 3 which mainly focused on the game’s actions as well as techniques which are divided into some parts. There are three main moves that will be introduced by the game: Dives, Burst Arts, and Burst Art Effects.


Dive is an aerial action that begins with blocking enemies’ strike, then charge onto the locked enemies. By using this action, you can mix it with Devours and other combos. You can also use this action to escape from a dire situation without locking on to a certain enemy, but you have to face the direction that will be your escape route.

Burst Arts

Special moves that are used by the characters to attack Aragami during Burst state and can be set according to your liking. The moves can be done on the ground, air or stepping. Here are the moves:

Dancing Dagger

godeater3 maneuver3

Cleaving Aragami using Oracle energy with boosted range.

Dive to Fall

godeater3 maneuver4

An Air attack that uses Oracle energy which cleaves the enemy.

Angel Fall

godeater3 maneuver5

Slashing attack that can be used after Step. Can be done if the weapon’s form is Naginata.

Storm of the Rising Moon

godeater3 maneuver6

The combo that can be used after Moonstorm move with a higher damage.

Twilight Moon

godeater3 maneuver7

The move that can be done midair while your Heavy Moon is equipped.


godeater3 maneuver8

The Step Burst Art that uses Heavy Moon that is conducted by taking steps and leaping, ended by swinging the weapon which will hit all directions.

Burst Art Effects

This moves are the attacks that will deal heavy damage and cool moves (as the section said, effects.) Anyway, here are the list of moves (including the pictures):

  • Angel Fall by itself
  • Angel Fall + Sky Pillar
  • Angel Fall + Reppa
  • Crescent
  • Sky Pillar
  • Reppa

Anyway, those are some interesting moves, aren’t they? Well, you will be able to try that later on though.

As you can see, those pics featured female protagonist as revealed in this post. Another character also revealed with his info, and you can read it here.

God Eater 3 is still being developed for PlayStation 4 and PC. Read more about God Eater series here.

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