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God Eater 3: Main Protagonist’s Details and the Fields Revealed!

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Here is another update, coming from a certain game with lots of series!

Bandai Namco revealed the details for their new project, God Eater 3, mainly the game’s main protagonist as well as the fields in the game along with the new system. Since this is a new project dedicated to move the story forward, the protagonist receiving a new looks and description.

Looking from the picture, the main protagonist wields dual blade God Arc, handcuffed, and wears black uniform. Looking back also, this protagonist portrayed differently from the previous series. Quite a surprise, isn’t it? New project with new protagonist. And now, new fields are also displayed.

Those two pictures portray the in-game fields. The first picture shows the canyon with its jutting and glowing rocks as well as cracks on the cliffs. The sun shines brightly, which portrays the desolate land that will be traveled by the characters. The second picture shows the ruined buildings as well as scraps of metals and irons. It seems that this field will be found around ruined town, along with new enemies too. Speaking of enemies, this game has enemies which are called Aragami. What kind of Aragami awaits you all? Do read along!

This new Aragami looks so challenging and formidable to be beaten. Some strategies are required in order to defeat it (hit & run, skills, projectiles). However, the protagonist of the game uses dual blade, and it means that you have to somehow attack the enemy while keeping your distance from its attack range. This Aragami can cause high damage to the protagonist by launching several brutal attacks. The attack motions change quickly, and you have to keep your distance from it.

Anyway, those are the revelation for today’s update, and you can also track back to the previous post (the direct interview with the directors of the game).

God Eater 3 is still being developed. Read more about God Eater series here.

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